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Comment They can go bite a donkey (Score 4, Insightful) 699

They use my bandwidth (without permission) to peddle me ads for things I don't want and they think the courts should force me to look at their ads by removing my choice? I use ABP specifically because I don't want their invasive rubbish. The courts should be forcing them to ASK me if I want them using my bandwidth if anything as they are effectively stealing it.

Comment Re:"Just pay extra..." (Score 1) 473

Sure, I get a "reserved Commander name" and a couple of bits of digital content but I have seen nothing of the actual game in all that time except for the occasional screenshot

You obviously have not looked very hard as Youtube is full of videos.

Meanwhile, all I have to show for backing it is a cart with one item "bought" that I can't touch for another month or so and that's all I ever had.

Honestly? I'm sick of it already. And I haven't even got to play it.

You had the option of essentially pre-ordering but at every stage they gave you the option of buying into playing early. There is nothing unreasonable about this. I made a single payment of £50 and have been playing for weeks (and having a whale of a time). I'm sure you are sick of your local supermarket and their disgraceful option of buying 2 apples when you only wanted one. What bastards.

This has all been blown out of proportion by a bunch of whining children who feel hard done by and are now dreaming up reasons Frontier have withdrawn offline for no reason other than spite rather than considering there may be technical reasons.

DRM? Please don't be ridiculous. It is an MMO, of course it needs to connect to the servers. Do you know how the internet works?

They had offline before! Yes, in a completely different game where the universe wasn't curated. This is not that game. Go play the other one.

Cash grab? Do you see subscriptions or a cash shop anywhere? They aren't even keen on players exchanging real money for game credits but people keep asking them for this so they are considering.

Control? It is their game. They already fully control it.

There is still a single player mode as others have stated but you have to be connected. The game is built around the server and all of the commodity prices, background simulation, missions, ship availability and upgrades re all controlled by the server. They could add some code in to enable the client to do all of this but it would be a boring and bland semi-remake of the original. Those same whining children would then say the game is boring and Frontier have not brought anything new to the table so Frontier chose not to do that. These are the people that would not be happy not matter what they got and they are a very loud few not "thousands" as poorly researched articles like this one indicate. The forums are awash with people who are more than happy with the game and as a previous poster says one of the polls about refunds it was a firm "no" by landslide. Aside from a few people who genuinely don't have internet or very poor internet I have no sympathy for these losers and they can all fuck off as far as most of the player base is concerned as the community is better off without them.

Comment Re:So the idea is that.... (Score 2) 143

Because the warnings will be stored in a database. A few years down the line they can then try stealthing something into law and at that point they have a nice big database full of confirmed pirates to monitor closely until they catch them and wallop them with huge fines. Remember we have the pr0n filters now and even folks who opt-out still go through the filter but it doesn't block the connection. It isn't a great leap to hook that up to a list of known pirates and flag up each time one of them goes to a torrent site, sports streaming site or something similar. Why block sites when you can have an automatically generated list of everything a pirate downloads? VCAP is just groundwork.

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