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Comment Pay him no mind (Score 1) 108

Fred is easily one of the stupidest people I've ever interacted with. You shouldn't waste your time reading anything he's got to say. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day, doesn't mean you should spend 12 hours looking at it waiting for something correct to come from it.

Comment Re:Interesting side effect: No pardon for Hillary (Score 1) 534

I'm amazed you think there's a prosecution coming. Especially when you compare it to CEOs. Because you know, the jails are full of them. (not.)

I'm not about to suggest she didn't do anything wrong, but the idea there's a prosecution coming is bizarre. If this was going to happen, we'd know about it, after all this effort there is very obviously no crime that's going to be prosecuted. It's not like a lot of people haven't been trying to make that happen for literally decades now. Give her some credit, she knows where the lines are and what can be gotten away with.

Comment Re:Another card added to the rent-control house. (Score 1) 160

Your understanding of rent controls in NYC doesn't have much to do with reality. Few laugh as hard and as long as a rent-regulated landlord in NYC depositing rent checks at the bank. Guaranteed annual increases, tax breaks.... why do you think in a city controlled by landlords they've never made an effort to get rid of it?

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