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Comment Sympathy for the Wrong People (Score 1) 1228

Let me preface this by saying that I do not consider myself part of the 'popular crowd. I have been an athlete, but never a good or recognized one. I am an intellectual, in the top 5% of my class. I spend several hours a day on my computer. I have longer hair than any other male student or teacher at school. Yet I am not harassed, and in fact most people at school like me. Many of them would never consider being freinds with me, just as I do not desire their friendship. However, those who make a concoious attempt to be differnt must reconize that being seen as alien is sucess, and not harassment. In addition, if people such as those who hae written before me consider 'jock' and other 'popular' people as far below them as they seem to, they need not look far for at least one of the causes of the lack of friendship.
However, the most important point is that those people who killed 13 human beings in cold blood deserve far less sympathy than they are being given. This is for several reasons:
1 - their motivations were concerned not just with ostracism, but with racism. Both the TCM's words and deeds expressed hatred for blacks, hispanics and jews. Anyone wishing to express sympathy for them must first consider that they intentionally acted on the birthday of Adolf Hitler.
2 - they had a significant group of friends. The TCM supposedly ontained up to 30 members. This is more freinds than anyone whould have is they were truly ostracized. These students even went to the prom, identifying themselves with the values that /.ers seem to feel they were fighting against.
3 - they intended to kill people far beyond their high school. They even planned to crash an airplane into New York City. Anyone who would contemplate the slaughter of innocent civilians does not deserve our sympathy.
Finally, while the stories posted on /. show gross over-reaction to incidents in schools, anyone expressing sympathy for murdering bigots, or wearing clothing that they must know is identified with killers displays a lack of concern for human life and human emotion that would give an school administrator pause, if not liscence to expel.
I am certain that no one who has posted here intended to show sympathy for the opinons that these two men held. However, before expressing our sympathy, we must realize what these men stood for, and what identifying with them means for both ourselves and others. While I would never condone the punishment of students for wearing a trenchcoat of for expressing sympathy, students should realize that the rest of society quite rightly considers these actions to be in very poor taste.
I appreciate any commments, or even flames.

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