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Comment Why the big fuss about suicides? (Score 2) 537

Suicides happen in all kind of economies, people get depressed, things happen in their lives, etc. - actually US suicide rate is higher then the China's ( And if you count that there are 900 000 people who work for Foxconn the fact that only 18 people in 2010 committed suicide says that the rate is much lower than the average. It is 11.1 per 100 000 in US and 6.6 per 100 000 in China. So, you could say Foxconn improves the suicide rate vs. the average in China. Yes, working conditions are not that good on the factories, but I don't think that suicide rate is a good indicator.

Comment Re:SOP (Score 1) 129

What are you talking about - it doesn't load all apps at boot. It loads the apps when you launch them. You can then end the app. And it was multythreaded by default since the beginning. I don't see it much different from Android or iOS.

Comment Re:Good idea, hard to implement (Score 1) 138

I did enroll in insurance in many companies. And this is the main type of insurance in US - provided through employer. With this type of enrollment insurance companies don't know much information about me until I am in the hospital. When you enroll by yourself they mostly ask for preexisting conditions, I don't remember the insurance companies asking for my blood pressure or cholesterol level.

Comment Re:Good idea, hard to implement (Score 1) 138

Well, typically until you get to the hospital insurance company doesn't know much about you - may be your age, sex, may be height and weight, but they don't typically ask for this info when you sign up for insurance. And even after you get into hospital the information about you is in hospital records and not in the insurance company possession - they just know the procedures performed. So, the initial data about you is in the hospital (blood pressure, sugar level, weight, etc.) And in the hospital it could be in different systems, sometimes on paper only.

Comment Re:IE8 is NOT the most pleasant/compatible/fast (Score 1) 111

>- since IE is the only browser to enforce XHR caching, every request needs a timestamp query parameter (something that no other browser does, and which is really stupid, altough easy to provide) Just set the headers right, it won't cache in that case. Here is a snippet from Java/JSP response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1 response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0 response.setDateHeader ("Expires", -1); //prevents caching at the proxy server

Comment Why approximate numbers? (Score 3, Insightful) 309

They give the distance and number of positions for the cube here: What I don't understand is why they have only approximate number 20 moves - from the article on the link above I understand that they solved all of the 20-moves combinations so they must know the exact number of those combinations

Submission + - HP CEO Mark Hurd fired for misconduct (

Anon E. Muss writes: In a move that nobody saw coming, Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd "resigned" today. A contractor had accused him of sexual harassment, and the board brought in outside counsel to investigate. While the harassment claim could not be substantiated, the investigation did uncover other misconduct. Hurd's "close personal relationship" with the contractor created a conflict of interest, and he was also found to have misused company assets.

Submission + - Like Google, Mozilla To Silently Update Firefox 4 (

CWmike writes: Taking a page from rival Google's playbook, Mozilla plans to introduce silent, behind-the-scenes security updating to Firefox 4. The feature, which has gotten little attention from Mozilla, is currently 'on track' for Firefox 4, slated to ship before the end of the year. Firefox 4's silent update will only be offered on Windows, Mozilla has said. Most updates will be downloaded and installed automatically without asking the user or requiring a confirmation. 'We'll only be using the major update dialog box for changes like [version] 4 to 4.5 or 5," said Alex Faaborg, a principal designer on Firefox, in the '' forum. 'Unfortunately users will still see the updating progress bar on load, but this is an implementation issue as opposed to a [user interface] one; ideally the update could be applied in the background.' Unlike Google, Mozilla will let users change the default silent service to the more traditional mode, where the browser asks permission before downloading and installing any update.

Comment Just use your phone (Score 1) 467

The phones now allow to keep a lot of data and keep records and all those things can't be viewed by the company unless you have a company phone. This way no one from work would even try to look into what was there. Your phone internet connection would be separate from work as well, so they can't monitor and disable websites. At my work almost all email / chat / data exchange sites are locked out anyway, so that would be the only option.

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