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Comment Re:Interests removed? (Score 1) 109

The only problem with this argument is that if they were truly trying to simplify WoW, they would make it so you don't need so man f'ing buttons to play your character.

Yeah, yeah, boring, noob mode, etc., but as I get older, and my carpal tunnel gets worse and worse, I wouldn't mind some abilities simplification (moreso than has already been done).

Also, as a person who plays primarily a healer, PLEASE for f's sake, less cc in PvP (hence less trinket/button tracking; see above).

Comment Re:in app payments (Score 1) 109

Do you mean like having to pay for a room in the inn every time you want to log out your character?

Or pay the taxi per mile rate when you take a flightpath?

Taxes on purchases from vendors perhaps? Or even better on loot drops!

Billboards on the streets of Org/Stormwind?

The possibilities are endless!

Comment Re:+5 Insightful for (Score 1) 424

I'd like to get back to having 2 sane parties to choose from, but I don't think the Republicans can recover since they're unwilling to show the bigots and crazies the door, and modernize their views so they can appeal to reasonable people.

They can't show them to the door, they need their votes.

And they'll need them more and more as time goes on, as more new voters are registering as Democrats.

Comment Re: WTF? (Score 2) 543

Well, I'm not saying what I'm saying just because of me. I sit in the middle of the floor with twenty-five other coders, all who use Eclipse, and we talk to each other.

And none of us see the problems you've talked about.

Also, as a consultant for twenty years, I've worked at over thirty companies, almost all using Eclipse (different versions as the wayback machine is set higher and higher), and have not had/seen the kind of experiences you document in your post.

All anecdotal, agree, but maybe, just to turn the tables, its you that is having especially bad luck with Eclipse, vs. all others ALSO having bad luck?

You might want to consider a fresh install, etc. etc. $0.02 Otherwise, from one coder to another, I feel your pain, as I hate it when the tech gets in my way of doing the job too.

Comment Re: WTF? (Score 2) 543

And I just got moderated down by fanboys. Damn humans, they prefer theirs private fantasy worlds than reality.

I didn't mod you down, but for what its worth, in all the years of using Eclipse, I've only seen/been affected by two bugs, one years ago, one recently. Juno was very buggy, but Kepler is doing great so far.

I can't agree with your slow/buggy comments. If I did, I wouldn't be using it as my IDE (Intelli J and Netbeans being alternatives).

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