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Comment Why illegal? (Score 1) 462

The underlying goal of any game is to win. The rules of casino-games are set up to make winning in the long run nearly impossible. I can never understand why counting is illegal. You are simply navigating within the rules of the game, to increase your chance of winning. Now I realize this is about not using an appliance to gain an edge, but I get the feeling manual counting is almost equally frowned upon. You are allowed to sit there and give your money away, but try to win and you're in the gray? I smell corruption from all the way across the atlantic.

Comment Re:Please... (Score 1) 86

Actually newtonian physics, with some galilean insights will suffice. Also throw in a 3-axis gyroscope to reassure the skeptic. And magnetometers and an apparatus to measure the electric field to ensure the primary sensors haven't been tricked by some other means. Even then there's still a chance the assembler has been in contact with the conspirateurs.

Submission + - Cell-phone's used for boarding passes (

mtgarden writes: "A new form of boarding pass (bar-code really) is being put into service in Houston, TX.

From the article "The TSA, which has had a problem with people trying to use fraudulent paper boarding passes in the past, is confident the technology can't be cracked."

That's like saying that DRM can't be hacked...."


Submission + - Bulgaria set to nuclear plant in eartquake zone

holy_calamity writes: In the 1980s Societ experts said it would be dangerous to build a nuclear power plant at Belene in Bulgaria because it is near an active fault, in 1977 an earthquake killed 120 people 15 kilometres away. Bulgaria's National Electricity Company now plans to do it anyway, and a European Commission panel is expected to soon rubberstamp the idea so it will qualify for EU aid for construction.
Input Devices

Submission + - Device to Smoke Weed During Brain Scan (

dotancohen writes: "
Harvard Scientists Build a Device to Smoke Weed During Brain Scan. Why would you want to smoke pot during a brain scan? Because functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) allows researchers to observe activity in the brain, and doing so while smoking could enhance our understanding of addiction and how to treat it. Last Friday, Scott Lukas, the ringmaster for these studies and director of the Behavioral Psychopharmacology Research Laboratory was informed that he will receive a grant to conduct further studies with marijuana.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - The Ten Worst Products Of All Time

An anonymous reader writes: CNET's running a funny article listing the ten most disastrous tech products, "the gadgets and concepts we felt really surpassed themselves in being utterly crapulous. Many of these travesties aimed to reinvent the wheel, but were plagued by huge dollops of fail." Products that made the list include Windows Vista, the Barcode Battler and of course the ill-fated Gizmondo.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Is CO2 useful? 1

Zot writes: Is CO2 useful for anything? If there was an economic reason to recycle CO2, then everyone would want to do it. Otherwise, it seems that all that is done with captured CO2 is to treat it like waste. It would be great if someone could come up with a reason to capture CO2 that makes money. What are some of the ways to capture CO2? IS anyone working on finding uses for the stuff?

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