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Comment Not forcing coding, giving options... (Score 1) 328

They aren't saying force every kid to take programming and become coders.

Do any of you have kids in high school? I do at the moment, 2 in high school and 2 more about to enter high school. What they are saying, there is a requirement to take 2 years of a foreign language. Instead, you can substitute 2 years of programming instead. That way if you are someone who is into coding and wants to become a programmer or just doesn't like foreign language, then code to meet the requirement.

I live in Illinois, here kids are required to take 4 years of gym in high school unless they meet certain requirements to get an exemption. The school district I was in was about to make some changes to the program and tons of parents showed up and fought for the exemptions that ere in place. 1 man said, only time gym was of any use to him was basic training as a marine. Another worked in college admissions and she said they don't even pay attention to gym grades or attendance.

At some point, our education starts becoming less about learning the basics of society and turns into preparing for your future chosen career. For most, that happens in high school or college. Once you hit that point, many of the, you must take 4 years of this, 3 years of that, 2 years of that start forcing motivated kids who know what they want to do to fight through the drudgery of a stupid class they get nothing out of.

For the record, I was a high school athlete and am fluent in second language and can get by in a couple of others. I am also an engineer. I enjoyed gym, but would much rather have been able to get more AP classes. I learned something from foreign language in high school, but what I took in high school was a waste as french is not what I am fluent in.

Comment Re:Aw come on (Score 1) 106

My company has internal people who seek out candidates, but we also have several contractors that we hire to full-time look for us. They don't get company credentials, but are looking. Those people would still find Stepan people looking. Actually had it happen that one of these people found one of our employees was out looking for a job and mentioned it to HR.

So this is 1 step, but it is very flimsy and you still have a good chance they may find out anyway.

Comment Re:If you didn't RTFA... (Score 1) 332

Agreed, easy to verify. Not something I can do....I assume not something you can do.

My main point was, don't assume it is the bad officers stopped being bad like a lot of people might assume these days. Article says, say drop, but don't know reason. Current political climate makes it likely a lot of people would go to the bad officers stop thing. Maybe it is, but I know quite a few police officers and so I don't tend to look at them as bad people.

I did then offer my opinion on why, but that is why I put the I would guess (not scientific).

I would also guess (again, just my opinion and a guess) that this study will probably not go any further. They realize whatever the affect is it happens so the cameras are worth it, even if just half the time wearing them, that it justifies the expense and they don't care to determine why.

Comment If you didn't RTFA... (Score 0, Flamebait) 332

The most important thing is the end of the article.

"Specifics on how exactly this is happening are unclear. Is the officer less confrontational to begin with, avoiding escalation? Or are suspects and complainants more wary of their conduct? Is it some combination of the two, or are even more factors involved? To determine these things would be a far more complex and subtle piece of research, but the study does suggest that officer behavior is probably the most affected, and that other effects flow from that."

Someone already said it is the people acting better or making less complaints because they think they may be on camera. I am certain someone is writing, it means the police are behaving themselves.

I would guess (not scientific) that most of the drop in complaints are because people realize they might be caught on camera and acting better or not lieing to try and get a lawsuit. I am certain there are some police that are acting better as there are bad apples, but I would guess the drop is probably 10%/90% with the 90% being the people changing behavior as opposed to the police office.

Comment Re:Wait, you guys pay for it? (Score 2) 91

Level 23 Instinct (Valiant is for losers!!), just spent my first money on it.

Most free to play games, I will try, if I like them and play them for a while I figure it is time to help the cause and pay a bit as I got significant enjoyment out of it. I throw a few bucks at it to support. I think gran total I have paid maybe $50 for free to play aps in 5 or so years.

Not that I needed to pay to play at all, just got to a point where I thought it was time to support the game with a little of my money.

Comment Re:I think... (Score 1) 387

So what is your deal? You have stated opposing views on this thread and then said /. was dead.

When people responded to your posts, you said, I had never considered that, good point. No one shows respect like that for others opinions on /.!

I checked your history, and in the last 3 days you have posted more to /. then I think I have posted in 2 years!

Are you trying to boost your Karma, or just get more people responding?

Comment Re:My civil disobedience (Score 4, Funny) 534

My personal best was 37 minutes before I finally let the guy know I was stringing him along. I was working at home and had a whole lot of completely mind numbing tasks when the guy called so I could continue to work and mess with the guy.

I acted all concerned and said, let me get to my computer room, it is on the other side of the house and put the phone down for 2 minutes. Then I picked up he was still there so I said, hold on, it is booting...which one, I have 4? I told him, they are old and slow and will take a bit to boot hold on, another 2 minutes of putting the phone down.

Then I started playing along, acting like the horrible end user who is totally illiterate and can barely use a computer. Had "monitor issues" because it was unplugged. Didn't know where anything was. He told me to open a command prompt and type things in, which always resulted in Unknown command because i was "misspelling" what he told me because I was bad at typing or thought it was a different letter because of his accent.. He then switched to Alpha, Sam, Sam, designation and I pretended to type in alpha, sam, sam.

Then I used the bathroom, picked up stuff around the house a bit and finally needed to get back to actual work and told him, I will level with you, I do PC security stuff for a living, I have been messing with you the entire time.

He said, well this entire time I have been hacking into your machine and stealing all of your files and if you don't pay me, I will not let you have them back. I laughed and said, no you aren't to which he said, never underestimate the power of the common man. I told him, you are a common criminal and not that good of one and that lead to the tirade of swearing and he hung up!

Comment Boom to the Burglary Business!!! (Score 4, Interesting) 195

I grew up in a small framing community outside of Chicago and then went to college in Chicago. In one of my first few weeks there, a new friend who was from the city told me to stop looking down at the sidewalk. I asked why and he told me, that is how you get yourself mugged.

We talked about it and I realized, being from a land of no sidewalks, I always scan the ground to make sure of my footing so I don't trip on uneven ground. In the city, sidewalks are much more level and predictable so people don't have to look down. Also pickpockets and muggers look for easy targets that can't identify them. My friend told me, he was always taught, look up and look at the people around you. If you make eye contact with a mugger, there is a chance you will be able to ID him so they look for another target.

I am thinking, all these peoples looking down at their phone are an excellent target for being pick pocketed! I may have to change professions!

Comment Re:Yes, yes, give it a year or two... (Score 1) 954

Here is the solution to the check out thing.

You have to have a preferred card to use them. You forget it, you can provide a phone number and the machine lets you in.

The machine informs you that you have to maintain a certain rate of items per second with a maximum time length per total time to payment.

If you fail to meet the rates, then this will be your last purchase until you attend a short training class provided by an employee.

The systems logs your times every time you use self check out. When you are new, it gives you more time, but as you are more experienced, your times should get closer to the theoretical minimum. If you can not maintain the speed rate, when you finish that transaction, you are not allowed to us them anymore until you attend the class.

When you log in, have it show your average checkout time and average rate of items checked and challenge you to beat your last time. if you beat your time, it displays a congratulations, new record with a thank you for using the self checkout.

It needs to display a leader board of the fastest time today and this week with initials.

You put on badges and achievements! You earned the, you weighed a bag of apples with inputting the code in less then 2 seconds badge!!!

The you are too slow take a class drives all the slow people or people with large loads right to the humans. The achievements and time trials and displaying times encourages the people using it to go even faster and they maybe have fun doing it! Some psychos will even become obsessed with beating the speed and start shopping more there just to beat their times!!!

And FYI, I am already seeking a patent on the system I described above so no stealing my idea!

Comment Re:School isn't job training (Score 2) 908

School is both and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

The problem is knowing when it changes. You initial schooling is gets you the broad range of knowledge and expands your mind so you can hopefully function better in society no matter what you do. At some point in time, school stops being about broadening your mind and becomes job training.

So you have to know what school is being used for and when. Sometime in the high school time frame it when it starts transitioning into job training. Counselors start talking about are you on the college career path, ok, you need to take these classes to meet college requirement. You are not going to college, here are the requirements for a diploma, let's find where your interest lie so you can take classes.

By the time you hit college, if you haven't transitioned to it being job training by Junior year, you are wasting time and money at that point. It really should be sooner than junior year in college in my opinion that you transition more towards the job training, but college is too expensive to not be talking about the return on investment of going.

Education is great and expanding out mind and knowledge is wonderful and should be the life goal of every human being their entire life in my opinion, but there is a point when you stop paying high dollar to sit and listen to someone and you continue the pursuit on your own while working because the bills have to get paid.

Comment Re:As long as.... (Score 2) 908

Most colleges require you have foreign language credit that you either took in high school or you take it while in college.

So you can get a BS Eng without taking foreign language in college as long as you took it in high school.

Comment As long as.... (Score 4, Insightful) 908

I will agree to this as long as they remove foreign language requirement for engineers! The accountants and poets don't like high end math, I don't like foreign language requirement (and I am fluent in more then 1 language and an engineer)!

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