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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Carmack Talks QuakeLive Tech (

Rogerpq3 writes: "QuakeUnity has an interview with id Software's John Carmack and Marty Stratton. John and Marty discuss the QuakeLive backend infrastructure, their work with mod authors to bring additional features to the game, and the hiring of developers from inside the Quake community. Additionally, the duo weigh in about the complexities of the technology behind QuakeLive, the possibility of licensing the system, their commitment to to stop cheating, and the marketing strategy behind the game.

Besides the many gameplay enhancements and tweaks made to improve QuakeLive, Carmack said no changes were made to the core game engine form the latest patched version. He went on to explain exactly why this is the case: "That was a real conscience decision on our part. I'm actually looking through the Quake III code base right now for some ISO development stuff, and I am probably going to have to make some significant changes to get what I want to get out of it. You go in there and you say, 'Oh compile vertex arrays are completely irrelevant nowadays. Everything should be in vertex buffer objects and all this or that.' But the bottom line is it didn't matter at all. Any system today will run the game at 100-125 frames per second cap and any decent system will run it with 4x anti-aliaising. "So, any significant technology changes that would go in would require new content to wind up taking good advantage of them. And that was one of the things that when we made the transition from Quake 3 to Doom 3, we noticed the content generation patches got so much more expensive. However, we think that there's enough advantages to staying with this level of technology"

First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - John Carmack's QuakeCon 07 Keynote Videos

Rogerpq3 writes: Video of John Carmack's keynote address to QuakeCon 2007 is now available. The video runs a little over an hour. This year, Carmack discussed id Software's upcoming game "Rage", QuakeZero, a web-based version of Quake3, his experience developing portable gaming technology, id's decision to hire a second team of developers, his plans to first develop titles for low-end platforms to gauge their success, his discussion with Steve Jobs about the inability to develop application for the iPhone, and many more topics. Video of Carmack's Q&A session with the crowd on-hand is also available.

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