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Comment Re:Now if more benchmarks would take a bow... (Score 1) 88

No, benchmarks do not become a double-edged sword. They are simply misused and misunderstood.

An automated software benchmark has value only to a developer or development team evaluating their own code. Anyone using such a benchmark for any other purpose (like comparing the performance of their code to the performance of others' code) is misusing the tool, and in doing so potentially drawing faulty conclusions.

Automated benchmarking tools are not a perfect measurement and they never will be. They are not an and-all solution to anything. They are simply one way to do a quick (and possibly very dirty) analysis of your code. To be useful at all they must be properly understood as such.

The real issue here is this: too many people either believe or like to pretend that some particular benchmark is a god. It isn't, and their naivete or pretension is leading them and others astray.

Comment If you are coding around a performance benchmark.. (Score 1) 88

As a professional developer: if you are coding around a performance benchmark, you are doing it wrong.

These kinds of tools exist for developers to evaluate the performance of their own code. Anyone who uses them in any other fashion (like to evaluate the performance of someone else's code, for example) needs to take the results with a grain of salt, and that will always be the case for any automated software benchmark.

That Google feels the need to retire Octane over this is almost unbelievable... there must be some ulterior motivation.

Comment Re:I remember the last time.... (Score 1) 132

The vast fiber networks that exist today under big telecom's control were built largely with federal government subsidies... which is part of the reason the telecoms were classified as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act several years ago. They are expected to treat all content carried over their networks as equal as part of their common carrier status.

Giving big telecom cart blanche to police traffic (and on a publicly funded physical network?) can only lead to unfair pricing and prioritization. Telecoms are already allowed to prioritize content based on its type(for example streaming content may be given priority over email content, because data streams are needed in real time whereas email is not.) What big telecom is not allowed to do as a common carrier is examine where a data packet is coming from or going to and charge/prioritize based upon that information.

Why, in a free and open society, should a telecom have the expectation of deciding whose data gets delivered? There is no argument for allowing this other than censorship and price gouging.

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is either uneducated or pro-authority. We the people should demand Ajit Pai's removal from his post as he quite clearly does not represent our interests.

Comment This is ridiculous... (Score 2) 337

DOJ: "Your free online course materials are not accessible to blind people. Make them accessible."
UCBerkeley: "Uhhh... how about we just make them inaccessible to everybody?"
DOJ: "That's fine."

In what world does this logic compute? DOJ absolutely does not care about accessibility... just look at the result of this travesty of an order.

This is 100% about reducing public access to information. No other interpretation even makes sense. DOJ and the rest of Washington should be ashamed of themselves for the serious and ongoing damage they inflict upon our society.

Comment Re:Trump IS just trolling us, right? (Score 1) 600

He never said he wanted to do this... as another poster pointed out in a thread above, certain people are being startled by the strawmen that were deployed against Trump during the run-up to the election.

Just because some news outlet says X about Trump doesn't make it true. You would think after all the recent hullabaloo over "fake news" that people would realize they just can't blindly take the media at face value, and that goes for establishment approved news like CNN and FOX and the Washington Post just as much as any other source.

NEWS FLASH: bias exists in reporting. Everybody has an agenda. Trump is not the devil, he's just the latest wanker to have been elected president. None of this should be surprising to anybody.

Comment Google surfaces everything... thats the point (Score 1) 243

First of all, Google Search is a search engine. Search engines were not designed to evaluate the veracity of content. They simply find other websites with content relevant to your search terms.

This is the Internet and it has always been incumbent upon Internet users to exercise discretion with regard to the quality of content that can be discovered. How is this confusing?

Secondly, removing USA Supreme as the number one search result would only replace one bias with another. CNN can publish slanted material just as easily, and given their viewership is so much larger... you might almost think they have the better incentive to do so.

Limiting search results to approved news sources sounds like totalitarian philosophy to me.

Comment That's not how averages work... (Score 1) 140

Two degrees of warming is expected to cause an average global sea-level rise of 8 inches, but virtually all coastal areas will see more of a rise, [researcher and lead author of the study Svetlana Jevrejeva], found.

If virtually all costal areas will see more of a rise, then 8 inches isn't the average.

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 1) 175

What has Pokemon Go has got to do with this? The driver in question was playing Pokemon Go. He wasn't texting or doing some other action. He was Playing Pokemon Go. That makes Pokemon Go directly relevant to this incident.

It's cute to pretend that the details leading up to the accident aren't important and that the only important fact is that the driver is a fuckup, but doing so makes you a fool. We must recognize that the irresponsible behavior he was engaging in has a certain allure, that others are doing it, and that it is potentially harmful or fatal for both the participant and those around him.

Just because the driver is ultimately responsible for his actions doesn't mean we should ignore the circumstances that led him to make those poor choices. That would be short-sighted, irresponsible, and frankly dangerous.

Comment At the risk of getting downvoted into oblivion... (Score 0) 534

Who cares? Facebook sucks. I haven't used that site in eight or ten years and I haven't missed it in the slightest. I imagine anyone who cares enough to go through the trouble of opting out of advertising might just opt out of Facebook entirely if they are going to be pricks about it.

Comment Re:Sabotaging? (Score 1) 858

So the men that watched "Sex and the City" didn't really like the show. "Sabotage" has a specific meaning that the article doesn't really support. A better title might have been "Men don't like women's TV."

Is this SJW nonsense? Based on the title I'd say it is. Apparently it was written by a none-too-bright guy who felt it was necessary to stand up for women by speaking poorly of his fellow men. The data doesn't even really support his claim... a much more plausible explanation is that men simply don't like certain shows that are aimed at women.

Why is it on Slashdot? Now, that's your question and I don't have an answer. However, it does give us an opportunity to take a look at the fact that yes, SJW BS is happening, and a good number of people are buying in. Just read the comments at the bottom of the main article... sure some of them are actually sane and reasonable, but a disturbing number are agreeing and making statements about men in general as a result of this BS article.

Here's the real question: why does the author feel the need to paint men in a bad light over this (non)issue despite the fact that he is a man? Answer me that one and we'll be getting somewhere.

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