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Comment Re: Unison (Score 2) 748

There will be situations where accidents will happen unless a very slow speed is maintained. Children playing dare crossing the road, trees falling during strong winds or other cars/objects appearing from unexpected directions such as falling off multi level crossings. Not very likely, but anticipating that unexpected situations will arise allows us to prevent "this should not have happened, continuing full speed ahead".

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 171

The ISPs are not obliged to do this but the government (an elected government made up of two parties in coalition in a parliamentary democracy) has said that if they don't do so then it will aim to introduce legislation. It *cannot* be made mandatory without legislation.

So basically "Do it now by free will or we'll force you".

Comment Re:It's called the key (Score 1) 1176

Doing 80km/h shifting into 2nd or 3rd gear nod using no gas I think you are using the engine to do a lot of the stopping. To actually test the effect of the hand brake you should select neutral. However, to mimic the situation described in the article it more sounds as if you should drive at over 100km/h, press the accelerator as if you want to accelerate to 200km/h and now try to stop using the hand brake.

Comment Re:Do Not Want! (Score 1) 272

Guess it depends on how much you read into it and how the shooter actually uses it. The article states "the trigger's pull force is dynamically raised to be very high until the reticle and pip coincide, at which point the pull force is reset to its default. In this way, the shooter is still in control of the rifle's firing, and at any point prior to firing you can release the trigger." The way it is described here, specifically with the "at any point prior to firing you can release the trigger" I read it as the intended operation is for the shooter to apply a force equal or higher than the normal pull, move the aim to the target and at that point the scope reduces the required pull force and the gun fires. Then the the shooter is no longer making the actual decision to shoot, but rather the decision to abort (by releasing the trigger) Maybe the meaning was that the extra pull weight will indicate to the shooter that the round will probably miss but that is not how I would read into the sentence above. Then again, I have not actually seen the rifle in action, but rather read a technical journalists writeup after a presentation by a sales pitch. There might have been room for misinterpretation ;-)

Comment Re:Long story short... (Score 2) 430

I think designing and writing code is a form of art, and you wouldn't tell a painter how to to draw his strokes, or a writer to always write sentences in a well defined style.

If they work by them selves, then fine, they can use their own style. However, if they work together, such as drawing one section each of a comic strip or writing separate chapters in a book, then you want them to use the same style. It will be a bit harder on them and they will lose some of their personal style but it will be much easier for the reader. And the same goes for code, I don't really care if curly braces are on the same line or not, if the fields are at the beginning or end of the class definition, but when it varies in the same project or even the same file, then it makes reading and comprehension much harder. And most code that is used has more developer time spent on reading it than writing it.

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