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Comment Re:Not from the customer's point of view (Score 1) 169

But that isn't an inherent attribute of the currency, that's an attribute of the US banking system. Simply storing your money in USD does not offer any such failsafes. If I store my USD cash in an insecure manner (on the dresser in a shitty hotel with underpaid employees), the FDIC is not going to reimburse me when it gets stolen because they were US dollars. Why can the same not be said for Bitcoin? Just like having USD in cash, it's not the currency that is the problem, it's the method of storing it. Perhaps Bitcoin doesn't yet have the same robust infrastructure and collection of institutions built around it like most first-world currencies, but that is not because of some inherent flaw with Bitcoin, that's because of its relatively young age as a currency.

Comment Assumptions (Score 5, Interesting) 291

That statement makes the rash assumption that GPUs will somehow continue to grow in speed and complexity while everything around them remains static. What about stereoscopic displays which would double the required number of pixels to be rendered for the equivalent of a 2d image? What about HMDs like the forthcoming Oculus Rift, which over time will need to continue pushing the boundaries of higher resolution displays? Who on earth is thinking that the display industry is thinking "whelp, that's it! we've hit 1080p! we can all go home now, there's nothing left to do!" ? 1080p on a 24 inch display is nowhere close to the maximum PPI we can perceive at a normal desktop viewing distance, why is that the boundary? Why are 24" displays the end? Yes, improving technology has diminishing returns. That's nothing groundbreaking, and using that to somehow suggest that we have peaked in terms of usable GPU performance is just downright silly.

Comment Re:Evolution is faith AS WELL (Score 1) 1293

That's the beautiful thing about the scientific method. It is, by design, intended to adjust our explanations as more information becomes available. Science provides a method to *refine* our understanding of our world whereas most religious beliefs attempt to avoid new information in favor of preserving the established explanation. So think of it this way: science accepts evidence and throws out old explanations in favor of getting closer to the truth whereas religion throws out new evidence in favor of preserving old established explanations.

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