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Comment Re:Leather belt/jacket/shoes (Score 2) 360

Some things about it here: I don't see how not wanting to respect a cockroach makes me a xenophobe. Really, that line of thinking made no sense whatsoever. Like I said, I don't treat anther species like mine (actually, nobody does), also, I won't treat my own species like another. The primary failure with this argument is that it assumes something wrong about me, and one that doesn't even makes sense!

OK, who made us "stewards of this planet"? God? I don't believe in gods, you'll have to do better. And then again, you assume something I never said I did: That I don't treat other animals as sensitive, conscious creatures who can feel things. Please, go to parent; I never said that. I said I don't treat them like humans. Because they are not. We won't understand some animals' concepts (because first and foremost we lack some ways to sense the environment that they have, and they lack senses that we have) and they won't understand most of our ways an values.

About ans and taxes, I meant it literally. If you treat animals like humans, they should have the same rights and be subject of the same laws as us. Or you think they only should have the rights and their responsibilities should be transferred to their.... well, in this possibility it's not possible to use "owner", so let's say "partner"? Because that's not equal treatment; animals would be superior to us.

And for last, if a "superior" (I don't know what consists of "superior" here, really) species used us for food, I'm pretty sure that what I feel about it wouldn't have the least importance. I'd be foodstuff. If I knew I would be killed for food, I would probably hope for a long life and a quick death.

Comment Re:art? (Score 0) 360

And nowadays, with thousands of Beholder-type monsters, you can never be certain.

If memory serves, the Spectator (yeah, seriously, that's a kind of Beholder) has an eye-stalk dedicated to serve dinners. which is kind of cool.

Comment Re:Leather belt/jacket/shoes (Score 2) 360

I fail to see why we should regard other species the same way we do to ourselves.

I'm not trying to be offensive here, I really don't get it. Why should we value another species as the same as ours? It just doesn't makes sense to me. And this would open the craziest precedents: Should ants and termites pay for land taxes and be prosecuted for property damage? Should cows be allowed to have property? Should a dog be represented by a lawyer on court if he bites someone?

So yes, I'm very confused about these subjects, and even more so with the PETA craze.

Comment Isn't this kind of search awfully specific? (Score 1) 239

My favorite part of this is that if aliens sought for intelligent life on Earth this same way, in our 1600s, they would have found no intelligent life either.

They seem to be looking for a very specific development of intelligent life - one that has developed radio comm that we could interpret, and just seems so unlikely to me.

Of course, I could be just talking shit right now, because I dont know EXACTLY what they are expecting to be an answer to their signal.

Comment Re:A Step in the Right Direction (Score 3, Insightful) 224


Do you seriously believe Iran will eventually attack the USA?

For real? Do you think Khamenei will, someday, wake up, drink his coffee and say "What a nice day! I'll deploy the long-range missile technology I don't have to blow up a location half the planet away from me, just because Rush Limbaugh said I probably would do it."?

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