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Submission + - David Brin's blog blacklisted? (blogspot.com)

RockyPersaud writes: "Science fiction author and self-described contrarian David Brin says his blog has been blacklisted by the U.S. government. He says: "One of our beleaguered senior federal professionals — who happens to be a fan — wrote in: "One of my employees tried to check out your blog on his government computer. Red flags went off declaring your site 'contains inappropriate material.'"" He further says: "My "inappropriate" sin. Pointing out that our professionals — both in and out of government — have been the top victims of the neoconservative putsch. I have praised the skilled men and women who dedicate their lives to public service, and made it clear — in bold but meticulously legal terms — that they do not have to put up with being bullied by incompetent, dogmatic hacks, who have oppressed them in a concerted campaign of intimidation, ever since the Bush Administration began.""

Submission + - SpaceX Launches Falcon 1 to Space

RockyPersaud writes: "SpaceX's second Falcon 1 launch attempt successfully reached space, though it misses its target orbit. The video cuts out at the end with telemetry was lost. At this point it appears the rocket only reach about 300km altitude, so short about 125km from its target orbit, and it probably re-entered the atmosphere to fall into the ocean. While not a total success, this launch indicates SpaceX can successfully deliver satellites to orbit at a much lower cost than competitors, opening up possibilities for orbital tourism and cheap delivery of commercial payloads to space. Read more here."

Submission + - Poll: Zero Gravity Football Charity Tournament

RockyPersaud writes: "An international student organization is considering hosting a charity tournament to raise money for scholarships and student projects — millions can be raised by having IPX Entertainment host a Zero Gravity Football charity tournament, featuring a game in which athletes play a version of U.S. style football in weightlessness on board an airplane. Your response will help the charity decide whether to go ahead with this tournament. We are looking for at least 40,000 votes so please spread the world. Please visit http://spacechannel.tv to vote."

Submission + - 2nd Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival

RockyPersaud writes: "I'm volunteering with a film festival that might be of interest to geeks of the world. The second annual Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival is taking place in Toronto on October 27-29, 2006. Fantasy Worldwide is a first-of-its-kind festival to showcase a broad range of fantasy genres including: mythology, mysticism, science fiction, magical realism, fantasy (no horror), historical fiction, legend and archetype. More than twenty hours of feature films, shorts, animation and documentaries from around the world will be presented at the festival, and awards will be handed out in the following categories: Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation Film, People's Choice Award and Special Recognition for a Local Filmmaker. A full version of the program will be available on the festival's website at www.fantasyworldwide.com."

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