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Comment Rick Rolled (Score 5, Insightful) 475

How would you feel if you pay per video and got Rick Rolled? Or accidentally watched a Chris Crocker video? This will never work for user-submitted videos. Only if they offer HD, full-episode shows that I want to watch on any PC I own with no DRM would I even consider looking at it.
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Submission + - 10 Individuals who contributed the most to FoSS (

An anonymous reader writes: Marc Ewing is the creator and originator of the Red Hat brand of software, most notably the Red Hat range of Linux operating system distributions. He was involved in the 86open project in the mid-90s. Ewing graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992. While at CMU, he was known to wear a red hat as he walked between classes. Ewing and co-founder Bob Young named their initial software after the hat, and the name Redhat stuck.
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Submission + - How Much Do You Save Buying a Dell with Linux?

An anonymous reader writes: The answer: Less than you'd expect. Dell today will start selling its first three models preloaded with Ubuntu Linux: the Inspiron E1505n, a 15-inch notebook; the Dimension E520n, a middle of the line desktop; and the XPS 410n, a desktop that starts out with virtually identical specs to the Dimension, but can be customized with more gaming-centric hardware (though you hardly need hardcore gear to play the games available for Linux).

I did my best to customize comparable Vista machines with the same equipment that Dell lists for their Linux equipment and here's what I found: Dimension E520 — Vista Version $729 / Linux Version $599 XPS 410 — Vista Version $899 / Linux Version $849 Inspiron E1505 — Vista Version $728 / Linux Version $599

So the average price savings for choosing Linux over Vista: $103. A full copy of Home Basic will set you back $199, while Home Premium costs about $239. Obviously, though, Dell doesn't buy Windows at retail prices, so perhaps this average savings is in line with their actual costs. .html

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