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Comment Re:focus (Score 1) 98

Thus for a display on your cornea to work, it has to be able to send out distinct light ray bundles in different directions, with each direction corresponding to a different logical pixel that you'd perceive spatially.

Figure out how to actually do that, and the world will beat a path to your door.

sounds like an application for 3d holography

Comment Re:For your own good (Score 2) 476

I work on B2B websites and as unfortunate as it is, we have to make sure every nook and cranny of our sites are backwards compatible with ie6. Our customers are in similar situations where their IT departments decide which browser will be used so they can limit the variance of support issues. veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interested to see how this plays out because if I didn't have to support ie6 and 7, I could easily shave 25-30% off of my coding time. IE8 isn't perfect but it's got so many fewer quirks than 6 and 7.

Comment Surprised (Score 1) 126

I'd be surprised if they aren't testing this already. Aren't they always running hundreds of tests? I'd also be surprised if they don't intentionally mix it up a bit (outside of +1) just to keep you searching longer - the longer you're on their page, the more chance you'll click an ad. End of the day, their algo will not be adjusted to deliver the best search results, it will be adjusted to whatever makes them the most $. Those two used to be the same thing. Not sure they are anymore.

Comment Re:HP wins the fight for Android (Score 2) 312

Well, there is no Android for the TouchPad, yet. And there won't be, until the community creates one. Google's not going to fund an Android for TouchPad project. They make more on a new tab sale than by providing an OS for a dead tab. Couple that with the fact that the user that can find and install a custom OS on their $99 tablet is not the same user that spends a lot of cash in the App Store. So, the best Android can do is convert some WebOS users. But anyone that bought a TouchPad at full price already passed at the option to own an Android tab, and anyone that bought during the firesale with the intention of switching to Android is probably already an Android user on some other device. So, even if/when there is an Android for TouchPad, this won't grow Android's user base, developer base, or increase Google's revenue by any substantial amount. Throw in lost sales due to a $99 substitute, and I really don't see Android/Google gaining much, if anything.

Comment Re:Visitors != users (Score 2) 213

Absolutely correct, visitors != users. TFA jumps back and forth between the two terms, but the visitors # has to be incorrect - if they have 25M visitors and 20M+ accounts, that means less than 5M other people in the whole world have visited G+ this month without an account. Clearly wrong. Hell I count for 5 visitors myself and 1 account, having accessed G+ from 5 different IP's. Ironic though - without FB, Twitter, and the like, G+ wouldn't have the medium to spread as fast as it is spreading.

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