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Comment Very poor map data in my area (Score 1) 466

I live in Perú and i can tell you that the breach between Google Maps and the new Apple Maps app is huge. The last week I did a small trip to a town in the Andean. While Google Maps had all roads Apple only shows the towns name. The Google Maps app using HTML5 was worthless the web app doesn't seem to find my location (maybe a api change). So I'm one of the disappointed iPhone users and I'll be waiting for a proper solution directly from Google. I think it may change my mind when I switch my phone later this year.

Submission + - Physical assault by McDonald's for wearing Digital Eye Glass ( 2

RockoW writes: "Steve Mann, a long time researcher of computer vision systems, (ie. Augmented reality, Digital Eyeglass) had an incident at McDonald's in Paris, France. He was assaulted by three guys during his visit to a McDonald's Restaurant. They had a problem with his digital eye glasses and tried to took them off. Imagine when Google release their Google Glass you may get assaulted if some place have a no pictures policy."

Comment (Score 2) 212

I have done a similar project before. From my experience a very good resource for information is Mp3Car. There are a lot of projects with pictures. People over there is very helpful on this matter.

There are many solutions to powering your computers I have used DC-DC power adapter that transforms 12v to ATX compatible power (M4-ATX). It take of engine cranks and any voltage variation. A good place to buy parts is Mini Box they have a car computing section.

The Courts

Submission + - David vs Goliath: Apple beaten in court (

RockoW writes: "A few years ago, Apple sold defective computers of the MacBook Pro line. They had the defective NVidia 8600M GT GPU . In this case Apple refused to take the computer back and issue me a refund. Instead, they promised to replace the 8600M GT boards when they failed, up to 4 years from the date of purchase.
3 years later the MacBook Pro failed and they refused to replace it. This guy took them to the court and won by they own means."

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