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Comment I've actually driven one (Score 1) 349

Last summer I rented a diesel Cruze while vacationing in Spain and France and it was not a bad little car. The gearbox was surprisingly good and the grunt was sufficient for travel in Europe. Of course the handling and power were pretty awful, but for an around-town car, especially in traffic or hilly areas when you need some torque, it was a downright useful car.

Comment Re:I am probably alone. (Score 1) 247

I am exactly the same way. I've tried highlighting and making notes, but it really just disconnects me further from the text. Long ago I realized that I can enjoy a story or even academic text far more by simply reading (and sometimes rereading) through it. All that said, I've owned a Kindle 2 for a few months and enjoy it thoroughly. It's not something I would buy to save money on reading or to replace textbooks, but I prefer my Kindle to a standard paperback. The weight and ease of page turning makes all the difference. Also, the display is amazing.

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