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Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 5, Insightful) 1010

Are you aware that the only reason you gave to vote for Gary Johnson is that he's not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Despite their respective flaws, there are actually a lot of people who are worse than both of them.

Yes, I am acutely aware of that. If I suspected that Gary Johnson was worse than either Hillary or Trump, I wouldn't be making my suggestion.

Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 4, Interesting) 1010

Then vote for Gary Johnson. I know he's a (*gasp*) Libertarian. But, hell, it's time to overlook any of the relatively small issues that you may have with (*gasp*) Libertarians and start promoting someone who is not Hillary or Trump. He's the only candidate with even a small chance to save this election for everybody.

Please, don't lecture me on the nearly non-existent chance for a third-party candidacy. There has never been a presidential election like this, so you can't go by historical precedent.

I believe that Johnson will be on the ballot on all 50 states. If he can get just a bit of momentum, then he can get into the debates. If that happens, then who knows?

Talk about Johnson - push for articles about Johnson - do something!

Comment Re: End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

And she understands the concepts of working with others (say: NATO) and the value of compromises.

First let me be clear - I would never vote for Trump, even though I loathe Hillary. However, if you don't think that Trump doesn't understand the value of compromises, then you are misreading him.

Trump takes outrageous positions precisely because he wants to compromise. He starts out with an extreme, knowing that by being the first to make a land grab that he's in the best position to compromise and still get what he really wants.

He does this all of the time.

Comment Re:Microsoft Surface family (Score 1) 231

Exactly!! Why don't these count? I have a Surface Pro 3 and it has been a complete laptop and desktop replacement for me for a year-and-a half. It has 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB hard drive. When I'm at work, I plug it into a docking station and I have gigabit Ethernet and 3 displays. Pop it out and I have a tablet with a high-resolution display with pressure-sensitive pen capability and a pretty decent keyboard that doubles as a stand support.

Comment Re:Does the Donald stand for anything? (Score 1) 879

Since you're posting as a Coward, I can't refer back to see if you actually posted any citations that countered anything that I posted. The original claim made no citations; at least I pointed to *some* sources. Post your own sources to show that lawyers don't overwhelmingly support the Democrats. I suspect that you can't. Post your own sources that demonstrate that Democrats don't get more of the top donations. I suspect that you can't.

Comment Re:Does the Donald stand for anything? (Score 1, Insightful) 879

The fundamental problem is that most of the so-called Republican Party now stands for "government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1%" ...

If this is in comparison to the Democrats, then you have it very wrong. From http://commentarama.blogspot.c...:

"...the Democrats are the party of lawyers. Not only were lawyers their largest contributors in 2010, giving 81% of their donations to Democrats, but Democratic ranks are crawling with lawyers. In the last Senate, 35 of the 54 lawyers in the Senate were Democrats. In the last House, 106 of the 162 lawyers were Democrats."

And the 0.1%-ers give to the Democrats as much or more than they give to the Republicans. From:

"... prepare to see a lot of blue donkeys, because 20 of the top 32 donors lean Democrat, while only 6 lean Republican. The rest are on the fence.
Not only that, if you factor in all the indirect benefits the Democrat Party gets from the non-profit sector, left-wing activism, public and private sector unions, Wall Street banks, universities, and superfund contributors, it has been estimated by Dr. David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin in their book The New Leviathan that the Republican Party is outspent in politics by a factor of 7-to-1."

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