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Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Bram Cohen on 3D puzzle-printing (

RobotWisdom writes: "BitTorrent's Bram Cohen has the most thoughtful Twitter-feed I've seen. This fascinating recent interview is mostly about the original puzzles (twisty, burr, and ring) he's been producing using inexpensive 3D-printing technology. But it also includes some provocative side observations:

"Even Cartesian coordinates are a hack which happen to provide a simple construction of 3-space, but wind up making most of 3-space's fundamental properties appear to be spooky coincidences rather than being at the center of how it works. When I say this usually people have no idea what I'm talking about, but when people play with my puzzles the intuition gets across."

"For specifying puzzle rings, I generally use ascii art :-)"

"Programmers used to all be widely diversified, but that's becoming less so since we now have clear specialties in programming and languages which have meaningful differences instead of just being worse versions of C."

"What I'd really like to see is for wireless router manufacturers to have UPnP port forwarding turned on by default. Most of them have it built but turned off by default, for no apparent reason.""

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - A wiki for game-semantics?

RobotWisdom writes: "My last query about a scifi-tech wiki eventually hit a bullseye ( that I couldn't have found any other way, so today I'm trying again with a similar but unrelated query about a 'game-semantics' wiki.

The heart of any game is its semantics: the variables that describe its world, and the verbs that can modify those variables. We should be able to easily trace the historical evolution of game AI by compiling a database of variables and verbs for every interesting game — eg most simply for Pacman, whether or not he's in a 'powered-up' state, or most complexly for 'The Sims', all the many variables and verbs that describe the characters.

Such a database would help game designers see which problems have been addressed and solved, so that deeper and deeper models can be attempted. My instinct is that this will become a useful contribution to the Semantic Web's longterm goals, and perhaps even a necessary precursor to the fabled Singularity itself.

So, anyone already working on this?"

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