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Comment What is the Purpose of Prison? (Score 1) 131

[1] Is it to punish Bad Guys, said punishment being a deterrent to keep all those not-quite Bad Guys from taking the plunge?

[2] Is it to protect the populace, keeping Bad Guys off the streets?

[3] Or is it to rehabilitate Bad Guys, transform them into Good Guys?

If it's [1] or [2], ditch the iPads and stack 'em up like cordwood. If it's [3], give 'em all iPads and teach 'em web design (the modern equivalent of making license plates), but don't call it 'prison,' because words mean something. It seems to me the justice system blurs all these distinctions into a muddy and costly mess.

Comment Re:Slashdot still the best 'format'. (Score 1) 130

Yeah, you do. I get an e-mail for every response, including AC. I used to get an e-mail for every time one of my posts was moderated, and considering that I routinely go from 2 to +5 to -1 and back again in a single post, that was a bit of overkill... But check your settings, there are many options here for notification.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 249

Y'know, there was a thousand thoughtful ways you could have furthered this debate, but instead, you chose to just go all anti-gun Snowflake and forfeit any credibility. Sad. Still, I'd love to see your cites and stats re "police standoffs gone wrong" in 2016.

Comment Re:Muslim laptop ban? (Score 1) 249

Actually, there is not. 28.9% of the U.S. population or 91.76 million, according to Wikipedia. And only 59% of those believe that the bible should be taken literally. And there is nowhere in the New Testament where a theocracy is called for -- just the opposite in fact. So I'm not really sure what a "Christian extremist" is, or more importantly, what his "law" would be. The law as preached by Jesus, "Love one another yadda yadda" and the other Mosaic Antitheses over-write any of that OT stuff, so I am not sure what you would be afraid of, even if there were enough "Christian extremists" to enact "laws."

Comment Re:WTF (Score 2) 249

Incorrect. The Hawaiian judge based his opinion upon "intent" as expressed verbally by members of the Trump campaign in the run-up to the election. The actual (second) order was more carefully written to avoid any reference to religion (here, read it yourself.) There is not a legal scholar, Left or Right, in the U.S. who believes that the partisan Hawaiian ruling will withstand appeal.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 0) 249

>>Trump's Muslim ban

Actually, the countries were singled out by the Obama administration. And there is no ban on Muslims -- that would be illegal. There are, however, travel restrictions that affect incoming flights from certain countries known to harbor large numbers of people who have threatened to kill large numbers of Americans in as spectacular a fashion as they can muster.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 1) 136

The studios are not the creators, in most cases, but those creators contract with the studios for distribution, and the studios have a legal obligation to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the distribution is secure. That secure distribution is in the best interest of the creators, who very often are paid a percentage of the distribution fees and box office receipts the studios collect. So if you are genuinely concerned about the creators, respect the deals they have made with their distributors.

>> And what if I disagree to very concept on owning exclusive rights to any sort of media?

Spoken like someone who has never created anything worth stealing. Seriously, you believe you have a right to drive down to the newsstand on the corner and fill up the trunk of your car with the newspapers and magazines the middleman there is selling, without paying him?

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