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Comment Pebble had the Style, but not the Tech (Score 1) 94

Pebble has always been the best looking of among all the others in the niche, while offering the least functionality. Fitbit could have saved even more money by just hiring away Pebble's design team at triple their salaries. Pebble is set to tank in moments as is, and Fitbit would have grabbed all their users on the upgrade cycle (which for gadgets like this is every 18-24 months).

Comment I Miss the Open Web (Score 5, Insightful) 65

Facebook can do whatever it wants. It built and maintains the walled garden. They have spent millions in tech and marketing, and I don't begrudge them flexing their muscles and blocking whomever they feel threatens them. I wish industry had moved in a different direction (more and more companies aren't even building websites anymore, they are relying solely on social presences), but so it goes. There will one day come a reckoning and a backlash, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon. You've got a full generation of Marketing Chuckleheads who learned FB and Twitter as "The Way" at university, and it'll take a while for them to be convinced enough to unlearn everything their parents paid north of $100K for them to study.

Comment BeauHD! Stop!! Move Awa-a-a-ay From the Keyboard! (Score 5, Informative) 143

BeauHD, trashy, salacious gossip about actresses in a SF film is still trashy and salacious gossip. You are single-handedly dragging this once-great site into depths of moronic self-parody unplumbed since the Jon Katz era. Seriously, this is like A Post Too Far. You are in need of an intervention, for the good of your entire organization.

Comment Re:Everything They Don't Like Will Be "Alt-Right" (Score 1) 978

You are correct, sir. The media is intent upon conflating any opinions to the right of Jeb Bush and John Kasich -- i.e., actual conservative opinion -- as "alt-right," and then packaging the term "alt-right" as the 21st century equivalent of Nazi -- especially if the Conservative in question is under 30, or gay. (Because, y'know, all youth and all LBGTQ *MUST* be Liberal, right?) Since many younger conservatives have embraced the term "alt-right" -- mainly because it sounds less fuddy-duddy-ish than "conservative" -- the media hope to get ahead of the curve and manipulate opinions re the language, and so have the alt-right "pre damn" itself in the eyes of the general populace.

Comment Re:Dun dun dun (Score 1) 427

Who says you will be arrested?

Who says you *need* to be arrested?

How many times will your employer/wife/principal tolerate a couple of MiBs showing up at your job/home/school to "just ask you a few questions" before they persuade you to start re-thinking your life choices and how you spend your weekends and evenings? G'head, sue somebody for harassment. I've no doubt that'll work our just swell...

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