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Comment Who Has EVER Trusted Government Data? (Score 5, Informative) 94

Silly Partisan Slashdot Editors want to make this into a Trump Thing, but they are too young or uneducated to remember things like the (first, of many) Food Pyramid, job creation data scams, alternative energy revelations, and... the list is long. Google "erroneous government data." And stop contributing to the Fake News epidemic with these disingenuous strawman-centric pseudo-stories...

Comment Re:And they're improving, too (Score 1) 169

>>suspect astroturfing

OMG, You're Right! You nailed me! I'm a shill for Google, who is paying me and around 70 others to artfully denigrate DDG and other search engines every time they are mentioned favorably on various public forums because Eric Schmidt is terrified they're starting to eat into his market share! Gosh, now that I have been outed, I'll lose my job...! How will I ever provide for my family?!


Comment I Explain This to Millennials Constantly (Score 3, Insightful) 62

Nothing on Google is free. Your choices, selections, opinions, cookies, bookmarks, contents of your email, YouTube habits are continually feeding their algorithms. They control your search results, and return to you that which makes the most profit to them. They'll keep it "correct enough" so as to still be useful and not piss you off. How could it be otherwise? And I am inevitably met with disbelief, as if I am telling them their beloved Uncle Bob has been a closet pedophile for years. We have somehow raised a generation of people who really believe there are free lunches and benign global corporations.

Comment Re:Why the fuck is this on Slashdot?! (Score 1) 125

It is NOT a waste of front page space, Fool! Amazon paid a nice chunk of change for the placement. Probably enough to keep all the slackjawed editors in Diet Dew and Mike&Ikes for a month. Learn to tell the difference between actual slashdot editorial and paid placement, your blood pressure will stay lower...

Comment Re:Wikileaks (Score 1) 211

Exactly! How bad does your campaign management have to be when your candidate wins the popular vote by 3 million and she still loses the election? Pretty fuckin' horrendous. Especially when the grass roots organizers out in the battleground states were on record as warning the Brooklyn HQ that they needed to shift focus. Again: Hillary Clinton's campaign management had the most smug and incompetent senior staff in the history of presidential politics. Love her, hate her, believe the Rooskie story or not, there is no denying that Podesta and Mook screwed the pooch.

Comment Re:The Character, Princess Leia, Is Iconic (Score 2, Insightful) 456

Thank you. And I'll take this opportunity to clarify further that it's not a "generational thing:" Angelina Jolie: Iconic. Sylvester Stallone: Iconic. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Iconic. Sigourney Weaver: Iconic. Patrick Stewart: Iconic. Carrie Fisher: Talented, a lovely person I am sure, cute as a button at age 19, but not an "iconic actress." Not meant as a dis, just as a point that words mean something...

Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 52

Actually, you are incorrect. Many if not most private/public companies, journalists, and politicians all use Twitter to disseminate news, bypassing web sites, which they formerly used to bypass the "formal" press. What, an artist's record label reports that one of their marquee acts has died, and the public is supposed to respond, "yeah, sure, I'll believe it when I read it in the Washington Post?'

Get with the times, son...

Comment The Last Gasp Mutterings of a Lame Duck (Score 3, Interesting) 635

Obama will issue all sorts of feel-good proclamations and what-have-you between now and 1/20/17, just because it will look good as part of his legacy, which he is busily imagining and crafting. It's a waste of time to afford these any real discussion. He's not serious about any of this stuff at this point, why should we be?

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