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Journal Journal: You might be a Fredhead if... 5

The inspiration for this JE and source of most of these lines is here.

You might be a Fredhead if... blame America last. think "Borders" means solid walls, not a latte-serving bookstore.

Submission + - Verticity Playing B2B Matchmaker (

Verticity writes: "A new B2B marketplace for matching buyers of IT development services with developers here and abroad has just gone live. Executives at VertiCity, based here, say that during pilot testing, the company found the greatest demand came from customers looking for someone to build them an e-commerce site. "They may say they want one [similar to another seen online]," says Jeff Mason, CEO of VertiCity. "Or they want two pieces of software integrated." Mason, who spent 30 years at IBM (NYSE:IBM) prior to launching VertiCity, encourages buyers to write multiphased requests for proposal (RFPs) rather than a single, million-dollar bid. Similarly, VertiCity's sellers,its developer fleet,typically package their work in chunks, "so both parties get money flowing in increments," he says. "I think we would go back [to VertiCity's services]," says Sachin Chaudhry, principal of, a New York start-up that offers a Web-based application for college faculty and students. VertiCity led to Astata, a company that develops and hosts wireless applications. Astata wrote a wireless component for's application so that users can access the site with handheld devices such as PDAs or a cell phone. "We got something like 30 bids, and we filtered out the bids that were potentially way too high [in cost]," Chaudhry says. "From five or six bids, we narrowed it down to one. [The choice] was a little price-conscious, but we also had a deadline for when we needed to roll out the application,the fall semester," he adds. VertiCity hires developers from outside the United States to work on retainer for U.S. companies, Mason says. Roughly half of the company's stable of developers live and work in Asia, he says. "The [overseas] person that we would charge [customers] $2,000 a month for probably has eight to 10 years of experience and a master's in computer science," Mason says, adding that an American with those credentials could command as much as $8,000 per month, or nearly $100,000 annually. VertiCity is not the first exchange to focus on matching buyers and sellers of IT services. Ajunto, ITsquare and other newcomers are tapping the potentially lucrative vein as well."

Feed Engadget: Elgato delivers EyeTV 3: new UI, smart guides, and network sharing (

Filed under: HDTV, Home Entertainment, Portable Video

For those who didn't realize that Macworld actually does keep on spinnin' once Mr. Jobs darts back to Cupertino, here's a little more proof. Elgato Systems is using the remaining spotlight in San Francisco to showcase its latest iteration of EyeTV, and we must say, we're digging the additions. Aside from the completely new user interface tweaked to match Leopard, users of EyeTV 3 will also notice an "extended program guide featuring intelligent searching and recording functionality," enhanced network sharing, Smart Playlists, bolstered AppleScript support and an integrated video editor. If that rundown has you overcome with the itch to upgrade, you can do so for $39.95 (or free for users of EyeTV 2 who obtained their license after December 1, 2007), and if you're looking to start fresh, you can snag the software right now for $79.95.

[Via PCWorld]

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The Courts

Submission + - David Ritz convicted for doing a zone transfer (

ianainet writes: In this story, Al Iverson explains how anti-spammer David Ritz was convited for doing a zone transfer to gather information on a spam complaint. The spammer tried to stop Ritz by filing suit, probably just hoping to scare Ritz away. Instead the spammer gets a late Christmas present when then judge says: "Ritz's behavior in conducting a zone transfer was unauthorized within the meaning of the North Dakota Computer Crime Law."
Turns out the judge thinks doing things like "accessing the servers via a Unix operating system and using a shell accounts" is a way to conceal your identity.
Perhaps I should file against everyone in North Dakota who visited my web page? Wonder if the judge has ever visited one of my web servers?

Comment Its like this (Score -1) 183

Most Slashdotters are huddled over their fading VT100 terminals, furiously playing Nethack, which is considered the paragon of computer gaming. If ASCII is good enough for Nethack, it should be good enough for ANY game.
User Journal

Journal Journal: More Microsoft-Novell stuff ...

Everyone's still in a twist over the Microsoft-Novell deal, and the latest marketing spin "Do you want the linux that works with Windows ...". Like most, I wish the deal had never happened, but that doesn't mean I'm going to write off Novell just yet. The deal has 4 more years to go, and I believe that in those intervening 4 years, Novell will do the smart thing and abandon Miguel de Icaza, Mono, and Silverlight.

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