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Comment Re:75% of American Horse Association riders say... (Score 2) 519

Other things self driving cars will do (apart from erode liberties apparently *laughs*)

1) Automatically drive to where *you* are and pick you up.
2) Drive you home if you're drunk.
3) No parking in the centre of town? No problem, car drops you off and goes home
4) Done shopping? Car picks you up, or collects the shopping.
5) Taxis? Out of business.
6) Uber? How about your car earns you money ferrying people about while your sat at your desk at work.
7) Highway speeds? 200mph, manual drive cars are banned.

I look forward to the day.

Comment Re:75% of American Horse Association riders say... (Score 1) 519

And think what it would do for unemployment, it would be amazing!
You'd have to find more people there would be so many roles to fill.
Not many bridge watchers, but lots of elevator operators.
And emergency traffic light operators. Sitting in their little booths.

Comment Re:75% of American Horse Association riders say... (Score 1) 519

I'm not young, but I know dumb.
These little-americaners thing the "the guv'ment" will be coming in black helicopters to take away their freedom (cars).
What they don't understand is that's not how it will happen.
What will happen, is people will buy self driving cars and stop driving manually.
Simply by choice.
Just in the same way people stopped riding horses.
The down side of all this is, of course, the horse went extinct and nobody can ride a horse any more. ..oh wait..

Comment Re:question: do you feel they're worth the money? (Score 1) 115

After a bad experience with a 2 year contract with a phone that was only really good enough for 1 year (Android 2 days)
I vowed never to pay for a contract that wasn't a monthly sim only plan.
Saved up for and purchased a Nexus 4, still using it.
Now that official support has ended I'm using CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6)
It works.
I use the thing endlessly, handy camera, social media, media player, tv, web browser.
It's literally my only computing device now.
Batteries a bit naff but at least with Android 6 it doesn't use much when you're not using it.

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