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Comment Re:only partially agree (Score 1) 157

You think that's the case, but I respectfully submit that you're probably wrong. I point to the studies cited in Tom Vanderbilt's book "Traffic", which I don't have handy right now. But as I remember, the studies (performed with in-car sensors, including eye-tracking cameras) showed that people on a cellphone call tend to fix their gaze rigidly forward, stop looking at their mirrors, and are less likely to change speed. You may be looking at the road, but you're not really paying very close attention.

Comment Designer shoes (Score 2) 144

I recently bought a pair of those glove-like shoes (where each toe gets its own slot) that doesn't fit my feet very well. It got me to wondering if someone could use a 3D printer and some orthogonal pictures of my feet to make a better-fitting pair. The article suggests it's certainly possible, but doesn't give any sense of cost.

Comment Internet marketing (Score 4, Interesting) 108

If average folks become aware of how many cookies get set (along with getting a user-friendly way* of turning them off), that could have a huge and entertaining effect on the world of Internet marketing**.

For example, right now, I can assume enough website visitors have JavaScript enabled to make it almost 100% (and not worth writing HTML for the case where they don't). But if I can only reasonably assume, say, 50% of my visitors/email through-clickers/etc. have cookies active, that plays havoc with my reporting.

* "User-friendly" defined as "something my dad can do without asking me for help".
** I spend all day every workday in this world.

Comment Re:Well, so much for... (Score 1) 658

That's an interesting point. I loathe the TSA, and their increasingly offensive gropings (now that I always decline their x-ray machines). But I'm trying to picture what I'd feel comfortable with as an airline traveler, on the spectrum from the current totalitarian overkill to no screening at all. Maybe bomb-residue sniffers and a check of luggage for guns?

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