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Frustrated Reporter Quits After Slow News Day 178

Norwegian radio journalist Pia Beathe Pedersen quit on the air complaining that her bosses were making her read news on a day when "nothing important has happened." Pedersen claimed that broadcaster NRK put too much pressure on the staff and that she "wanted to be able to eat properly again and be able to breathe," during her nearly two-minute on-air resignation.

Woman Wins Libel Suit By Suing Wrong Website 323

An anonymous reader writes "It appears that Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones and her lawyer were so upset by a comment on the site that they missed the 'y' at the end of the name. Instead, they sued the owner of, whose owner didn't respond to the lawsuit. The end result was a judge awarding $11 million, in part because of the failure to respond. Now, both the owners of and are complaining that they're being wrongfully written about in the press — one for not having had any content about Sarah Jones but being told it needs to pay $11 million, and the other for having the content and having the press say it lost a lawsuit, even though no lawsuit was ever actually filed against it."

Bing To Become Default iPhone Search? 463

snydeq writes "BusinessWeek reports ongoing talks between Apple and Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for the iPhone. The discussions reflect an accelerating rivalry between Apple and Google, one that some believe will be the most important rivalry in tech in the years to come. 'Apple and Google know the other is their primary enemy,' says one person familiar with Apple's thinking. 'Microsoft is now a pawn in that battle.'"

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 2, Informative) 190

Anyone who has spent time working in a lab knows that not all data is equal. You can get useless results if something isn't quite as clean as necessary, or perhaps you were in a bit of a rush and didn't connect everything perfectly. Any interesting experiment usually has numerous points at which humans can mess things up. Errant data is usually a sign that you have improperly set up the experiment, so you'll spend most of your times reviewing and fixing procedures until you get what you expected.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 629

I would think that in this day and age of LED stoplights... why not just have a Yellow Countdown? Living in NYC, it's the most damned annoying thing that they tinker with the yellow light length from damn near light-to-light. Yellow only helps you navigate an intersection if you have some idea of how long it is. Having a yellow countdown would be a non-ambiguous sign to drivers and should be damn well required if they're gonna go to the trouble of installing cameras.

Comment Re:My feet, ala Fred Flintstone (Score 1) 857

Some countries are very successful with dense cities, but they have very different cultural dynamics than the USA. That type of thing has never been very successful here.

Well, not to be a stickler, but it has been very successful in at least one place: New York City. Manhattan especially is as dense as they come, and judging by rental prices alone a LOT of people want to live in "giant apartment buildings full of crime". Of course these apartment buildings aren't full of crime, and dense living need not entail high crime rates.

It works well in New York City, because we have sensible and viable public transportation. The subway system is a HUGE part of this, though city buses can also get you where you need to go. In Manhattan, having a car makes no sense. In the outer boroughs, you can still get away with not having a car (except maybe staten island).

Maybe it's a chicken-egg problem. No decent public transit because the cities are too sprawled. Cities are sprawled because of a lack of decent public transit.

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