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Journal RobertB-DC's Journal: New Sig Archive 4

Just want to continue tracking my sigs. Original list available here.

This one is self-explanatory. I've only actually bought from them once, but it's a cool place to hang around if you're awake at midnight, Dallas time.
w00t? w00t!

This is a sig from a particularly dark period. It's a reference to the song Alone Again, Naturally. The next line is "And climbing to the top, to throw myself off, in an effort to make it clear to who-ever what it's like when you're shattered..."
...I promise myself to treat myself, and visit a nearby tower.

I came across this one at the amazing QDB (aka I couldn't bring myself to link to the site referenced by the quote, though!
Our hearts are extended to the 17 victims of the recent internet fraud

I submitted a particularly interesting story, only to have it rejected. I don't usually whine about such things, but I really want to know what Slashdotters think about this bizarre-but-possible concept.
Offshoring: three miles off the coast?

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  • I didn't know you lived in Dallas, either. Ah, at least I'm not the only one...
    • I work in Carrollton (the same town as Woot's warehouse, according to FedEx), but I live in Kaufman... I don't exactly live in Dallas, but I cross its width twice a day.

      You mention alternative fuels... I've got a New Beetle with a TDI Diesel Engine [], and I get Biodiesel every chance I get. I'm pushing hard to get more outlets on this side of the Metroplex -- I was pushing a lot better when I had some extra cash, but now all I can lend is moral support. :( But you can see where my efforts were leading at h []
      • That's neat. I don't know anything about diesel, yet. I've been thinking that my next car would be a hybrid of some sort, actually. I'm happy to listen to good reasons why I should do diesel (or BioWillie! :) ), instead. It would be great to see a comparison FAQ or something like that on the sites you linked...
        • You should definitely visit [] and compare the performance of the VW high-efficiency diesels against the hybrids. A friend at work has a hybrid, and it's got so much geek factor it's insane. I love watching the real-time display that shows whether the wheels are being driven by electric, or gas, or if regenerative braking is charging the batteries, or if the gas engine is charging the batteries... or any combination.

          But the hybrid gets real-world gas mileage in the high 30s in the ci

If this is a service economy, why is the service so bad?