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Comment Re:Microsoft removed the biggest anti-Linux argume (Score 1) 1010

The biggest trouble I find with it is the installing applications can become hacky and doesn't always work out.

That only should happen if you move outside of the package management of the distribution. If you always want the newest and shiniest versions, consider a rolling release distribution like Arch instead of something with fixed releases like Debian and Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Keyboard layout switching still broken (Score 1) 267

You know what just sprang to my mind? That ending scene of Merlin, were everyone is turning their backs towards Mab and just forgetting her. Maybe we should do the same with was fun while it lasted, but maybe we (everyone who does not wish to use it or is alienated either by the design, ideas or the developers) should just turn around and walk away, just forget it.

Comment Re:Two Reviews Worth Reading (Score 1) 267

Once the api stablizes, I can see some interesting stuff coming out of it.

So, we're three (or was it two?) years in, after four major releases, at version 3.8 and the Gnome devs said that they pretty much do not care about the API (I think the quote was something like this: "The API is not stable, it keeps changing with every release!" - "We never said it would be stable...") ... so, when do you expect that stability of the API?

Comment Re:Why is it so difficult to cool (Score 1) 40

As far as I know, Space is not directly cold, it's a vacuum. So there is nothing that pipe could give the heat off to except via heat might don't want to wait that long. To be perfectly honest, I'm very sure that was considered and was abandoned because of problems we (mortals) don't know about (and I'm to lazy to search for).

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