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Submission + - How to silence free speech silently ( 1

quizzicus writes: "The Washington Post writes today about a sensitive White House document detailing how to screen for, silence, and remove protesters who show up at the President's public appearances. Obtained by an ACLU subpoena in the Rank v. Jenkins case, the Presidential Advance Manual (pdf) lays out strategies such as searching audience members at the door for hidden protest material, strategically placing "rally squads" throughout the crowd to intercept and shout down hecklers, and forcefully removing dissenters who cannot be squelched. The manual advises, however, that staff should "decide if the solution would cause more negative publicity than if the demonstrators were simply left alone.""

Comment Why have a survey at all? (Score 2, Interesting) 61

Looking at this article, I was wondering about the need for such a survey. Wouldn't the agencies involved be taking an active part in working with identity theft? Last time I checked, when you find out your identity has been stolen, you notify the Credit Card Companies and credit agencies. What I am wondering is how many people have been victims and do not yet know about it. With initiatives such as FACT ACT and consumer awareness, Id be interested to know how often people are checking to see if they have been victims of identity theft. I think next time we will ask the fox how safe the henhouse is... That is a survey I would be interested in!

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