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Comment New != New (Score 2, Insightful) 344

I don't want to sound like an argle-fargling old timer with an onion on my belt, but for christ's sake, since when is "new to a montreal mother" new for /. ? Ad retargetting has been around for YEARS.

Small advertisers in particular love it, because it makes them look huge: "Hey, wow, these guys advertise on!" Yep, they do! Only for you at this particular moment in time, but they do.

Comment Re:What Safeguards? (Score 5, Informative) 149

Mod parent up. There's no safeguards. The Cocoa Touch SDK doesn't protect the user's phone number or name. Even the contents of the entire address book are accessed without safeguards. I was amazed to learn that I have to give an app permission to get my location, but meanwhile apps could pull every email address from Contacts and post them to a web server somewhere without my ever knowing.

Comment Better late than never (Score 2, Interesting) 108

I'm not sure there's any point to this, since the Red5 guys have already documented and implemented the protocol. And Wowza has a fantastic implementation, even though it's not open source. If nothing else, I'd like to see "Abobe" explains the fucked-up connection handshaking. "Send me any ol' 1500 bytes! Ok great, you're connected!"

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Homeland Security: The Game (

Wowzer writes: "The US Department of Homeland Security is developing a video game titled Ground Truth. Think along the lines of other government-created games like America's Army or Full Spectrum Warrior. From the article: "The game has you playing as a first responder to a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Success in the game would be dependent not only on the quickness of your response, but also how you go about responding. Make poor choices and you can expect larger casualties and a lower score.""
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Broadband comparison between US and Japan (

An anonymous reader writes: A Japanese correspondent talks about the difference between the the Japanese and American broadband systems. They talk about such Slashdot favorites as Net Neutrality, Govt. Supported monopolies, and how the complacency of investment of US broadband infrastructure is leaving us far behind and in a place where the US is probably not the place where much innovation will be done in the future due to the lack of speeds to the home. Pretty good article and sums up most of the points from a Slashdot perspective and even has a Vinton Cerf interview. What is not to love ;)

Viacom Says User Infringed His Own Copyright 404

Chris Knight writes "I ran for school board where I live this past fall and created some TV commercials including this one with a 'Star Wars' theme. A few months ago VH1 grabbed the commercial from YouTube and featured it in a segment of its show 'Web Junk 2.0.' Neither VH1 or its parent company Viacom told me they were doing this or asked my permission to use it, but I didn't mind it if they did. I thought that Aries Spears's commentary about it was pretty hilarious, so I posted a clip of VH1's segment on YouTube so that I could put it on my blog. I just got an e-mail from YouTube saying that the video has been pulled because Viacom is claiming that I'm violating its copyright. Viacom used my video without permission on their commercial television show, and now says that I am infringing on their copyright for showing the clip of the work that Viacom made in violation of my own copyright!"

Submission + - Obtaining the spec for Office's Binary Formats (

mastropiero writes: "During the discussion about the vote of certain country in the september ballot for Microsoft's infamous OOXML, a Microsoft-apologist linked us to an article in Microsft's knowledge base that specifies a process to obtain the specifications for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Drawing. It apparently comes with a covenant not to sue implementors and you also need to register in order to obtain the specs."

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