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Comment What if it were Netflix? (Score 1) 139

It's too bad they used XBOX LIVE and PSN as the target. So people who spent their own money on something that required internet access were told "It's only a game, relax, go outside". If they really wanted to impact "real people", they'd have attacked Netflix. There's a lot of blaming the victim in this thing. You paid too much for your toy! That's what you get for trying to play games!! It's your fault for buying something that requires internet access! Bottom line is people paid for something. The company was otherwise able to provide the service. A third party stepped in and blocked that.

Comment Exit strategy? (Score 1) 50

Does this give Microsoft a legitimate exit strategy for when they decide they're done supporting Halo 4 Multiplayer? Can they just say "You can still play online with friends!**"? Will they start handing over the keys, as it were, sooner than they ordinarily would because "someone will pick up the slack"? End-of-life is becoming an increasingly important issue with so many games going all-or-nearly-all online.

Comment Re:$1,000,000 idea (Score 1) 233

Something akin to a modular MIDI controller. Addressable controls that can be assigned to vehicle input/output functions. Hell, if you want a display or extra LEDs just pop in a panel/expansion, assign the function, off you go. Of course all of that is predicated on the auto makers playing along and opening up proprietary control specs.

Comment Re:Jurassic Park (Score 1) 701

I came in to give a different response, but after seeing this, I agree. Though, certain of my co-workers have interpreted it incorrectly and have started saying "Hold on to your butt cheeks", which kind of has different connotations. Still, "Hold onto your butts" is clearly the winner.

Comment Re:Pre (Score 1) 114

"The battle between the three wireless charging consortiums is expected to continue to adversely impact adoption of the technology." No one wants to pick a tech that will go obsolete HD DVD. Not to mention having to pay for the licensing of said tech. And I'm guessing that any desire to grow a fourth "standard" in-house would be snuffed out by the threat of IP suits. You know, "For the good of the consumer"®

Comment Re:Fun for FPS! (Score 1) 44

Except that griefers don't get angry. Gamers like me get angry because we spend what little free-time we have trying to play a relaxing game of shoot-aliens-in-the-face, but some 14-year old learned to walk through walls and have unlimited grenade launcher ammo. If my character was controlled by my emotions, he/she would probably just sit in the middle of the floor and cry uncontrollably before pulling the pin. I play games to NOT be that person. This is a bad idea.

Comment Re:WOW (Score 1) 142

Not to mention the provider data. Which doctors are part of which networks during a given date-of-service. Are they billing under their own account or the hospital they occasionally work out of. And the fact that there is no absolute identifier on anything. SSN? Can't use it. Insurance company identifier? Well, that doctor had the OLD id on file. That claim has the same identifier on it? Is it a REsubmission or a duplicate? And you would be amazed at how many parents don't know their kids' birthdays. And don't get me started on the HIPAA "standard" EDI documents, where the segment definitions can mostly be boiled down to "Optional: If not needed, don't send." I'll be in the bathroom, hitting my head against the tile floor.

Comment Re:Copyright or no, it's trouble (Score 1) 139

It's like going into the grocery store and getting a sample BBQ cocktail wiener. Then you go back out to the car, change your clothes, go back in and get another... Rinse and repeat until you have a cooler full, then open up a wiener stand outside the store to sell your ill-gotten meats.

Comment Extortion (Score 1) 427

How is this different than me parking in front of someone, backing up until I'm 2cm from their bumper, then telling them "Let's start the bidding at $200"? Once they talk me down to $100, I move my car, and they can leave. That's extortion. This is the same thing, only the paywall is moved a little down the line.

Comment Printing the cart before the horse (Score 1) 302

The way this technology was presented to "The Public" a few years ago, it sounded like we would soon be buying stuff online and printing it at home. For those of us who recognize it for what it is--basically just a CNC hot-glue gun--it's still pretty impressive. But it's nowhere near the game-changer it was said to be. It'll happen, but it's going to take time for the software and chemical engineers to work out the wrinkles.

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