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Comment Re:I'm ok with my poor typing technique... (Score 1) 425

I feel the same way about what you have to say here. For the most part, I only use three fingers on each hand. (pinky and ring finger kind of float. I never use the ring finger for anything, but the pinkies are used for shift, ctrl, alt, enter, etc.) I spend a lot of time typing and have never had any kind of stress-related damage as a result. I tend to average around 90wpm - 140wpm with this technique depending on my level of intoxication.

I just took a typing test using the standard way of typing and only netted a score of about 45wpm. I taught myself to type before typing was offered in schools, so it is a bit odd.


Submission + - 2.6 metre multi-touch wall in Helsinki (

jfanning writes: In Helsinki the 'CityWall' has just gone into operation. It is a 2.6 metre long multi-touch interface developed by the Ubiquitous Interaction group at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

The technology developed for the wall would allow displays that are theoretically 16 meters wide and the number of users is limited only by available space. CityWall is described as 'a large multi-touch display installed in a central location in Helsinki which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the everchanging media landscape of the city.'

The CityWall is designed to support the navigation of media, specifically annotated photos and videos which are continuously gathered in realtime from public sources such as Flickr and YouTube.

The Internet

Submission + - Livejournal-SixApart suspending accounts

Tsarina Amanda writes: "Livejournal/SixApart has bowed to complaints and possible nastygrams to advertisers by a so-called vigilante group Warriors for Innocence by suspending accounts related to fandom writing, roleplaying journals, abuse survivor groups and one community discussing Nabokov. The efforts appear to have very little to do with any actual crimes committed on Livejournal. LJ's Abuse and legal team has apparently decided that having certain keywords consitutes criminal intent. Strikethrough 2007, Permanent Suspensions is an excellent clearinghouse of information, including malicious spyware attacks by this supposed vigilante group, lists of deleted and suspended communities as well as numerous other posts with relevant information. LJ users have posted several thousand comments in the past 24 hours asking for a public explanation from Livejournal/SixApart. Numerous paid users have stated they are withdrawing their business form the site. More than 12,000 users have joined Fandom Counts Community to show how their absence would negatively impact the finances of the company. In the past 24 hours, LJ & SixApart have failed to address the issue at all."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Blizzard makes WoW wish virtual reality

UberHoser writes: A member of my guild pointed me to this rather interesting article about Blizzard. Kinda refreshing. _1702706.php
Blizzard makes WoW wish virtual reality. Make-A-Wish and a willing company help a grade schooler become the first outsider to create a new character in World of Warcraft.
For World of Warcraft players hanging out in Shadowmoon Valley last Friday, bizarre events occurred that can only be explained by a small group of people inside the headquarters of Blizzard Entertainment. At the helm of the strangeness sat 10-year-old Ezra Chatterton, who directed Warcraft's lead game designer Jeff Kaplan to blast ferocious-looking monsters, or "bosses," with a single death ray. Chatterton cleared the Black Temple for a European clan to fight the volcano-summoning Supremus. All that power. Heh, heh.

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