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Comment Aramis [Re:Done before...] (Score 1) 111

Aramis was the high tech automated subway developed in Paris in the 1980s. After its sudden demise an investigation was requested into the reasons of this failure. Bruno Latour. While writing about Aramis's demise Latour describes ANT (Actor-Network Theory). In this book he argues that Aramis failed not because any particular Actor killed it but because it was not sustained through negotiation and adaptation to a changing social situation.


I guess I'll be able to write the same about this project in a few years time.... and HS2... etc.......

Comment Business model arms race (Score 1) 70

There is an arms race between companies like Nebula and Eucalyptus, backed by VCs, as to who can stay in the game long enough to be the defacto clound management environment for companies who want an open alternative to VMWare/Microsoft but need on-premise or have a specific use-case so can't choose EWS or Google.

Eucalyptus, for all the partner-with-amazon, are loosing market share and shedding staff.
Nebula are still struggling to get a viable product out of the door.

(I know senior people in both companies)

Who will win? Who cares! Because as its 'open' at least when the VCs behind Euca/Neubla shut up shop (or they are bought by HP/IBM) and go home customer will still have the code, and in the example of Nebula also own a box in the mid rack as a cloud controller.


Submission + - Conflict of interest extends UK Gov open standards consultation (

Rob the Roadie writes: "Following a undeclared relationship between an independent facilitator engaged by Cabinet Office and Microsoft, the UK Government has discounted submissions from round-table discussions and extended the consultation period.

"Dr Hopkirk is a respected advocate for “openness and interoperability of systems, of people, processes and information technologies”. He has in the past, for example, been an invited observer at events such as Open Forum Europe."

However he did not declare that he was advising Microsoft directly on the Open Standards consultation.

"When this came to [the attention of the Cabinet Office] we asked Dr Hopkirk for an explanation and he has told us that he has “not been paid to specifically write their response to the Open Standards consultation but he is engaged to help them tease out the issues”."

The Consultation has been criticised recently for excluding groups from the open source lobby and being too close to the lobbyists of software patent heavyweights."

Comment UK Information Commissioner Office issues guidance (Score 4, Interesting) 165

ICO issues guidance about private emails, reminding the public sector that the Freedom of Information Act covers private emails if they are used for business matters.

"Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, said: "It should not come as a surprise to public authorities to have the clarification that information held in private email accounts can be subject to freedom of information law if it relates to official business."

Not really a device thing... but related none the less.

Submission + - BBC earn karma with FP on u9.10 (

Rob the Roadie writes: After much mainstream FUD and blustering at the release of W7 it is satisfying to see a Canonical story getting '+1 FP' from the BBC. As we know, Canonical will [] release Ubuntu 9.10 on Thursday, only a week or so after we all got silly on cola and icecream while we partied [installed?] till dawn at Windows 7 release parties. The close release dates of these two operating systems could have a positive effect on Ubuntu and Linux overall as the marketing blitz by M$, coupled with promotions for new hardware is giving people encouragement to upgrade. If consumers are considering upgrading, the ease with which they can trial and buy pre-installed Ubuntu may well encourage potential switchers to take the plunge.

As we all know, releases of Ubuntu have an alternative alliterative appellation. This one is Karmic Koala... my captcha word to submit this story was _intrepid_.

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