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Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: Documentation is necessary

In doing an upgrade of our core V880's to Solaris 9, VCS, & VVM 4.1, I've noticed something. The documentation ethic at my job sucks. In order to do this successfully, I need to document it. If I document it in Write, I'll lose it somewhere. So I need a wiki. I can install a wiki (as can most semi retarded monkeys). But I need a server. Not the busted Dell RHEL3 dev box, a real ESX VM. But to do that I need some NAS space. And while I'm getting NAS space, I should scan for the rest of the iSCSI LUNs I requested for other VM's. And restore an RHEL template. And a CentOS template. Then I should deploy all of these boxes to them. Then set up the wiki. And migrate the intranet and dev servers. And their MySQL databases. Which should really be on a separate VM. So I should make that too. And a DMZ MySQL box while I'm at it. At that point, I'd better set up the ninth blade. And convigure its vswitches. I'd better write all of this down. And then ignore it, because I don't have time for this what with the VCS / VVM / Sol 9 upgrade. Stupid boxes.

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