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Comment Re:Really badly written article (Score 1) 433

Also low 30's (assuming F) is not "battery cold", it's just mildly chilly and most sleeping bags would handle that temperature easily. I've camped before in sub-zero (again F) temperatures before and that's not at all uncomfortable with the right equipment.

It must be F. I wouldn't want to be sleeping in a tent if if were low 30's in C as I'd be too busy sweating to get any sleep at all. For example here in Finland the official heat threshold is 25 C and warmer countries have the limit a few degrees higher. 30 whatever is still really warm in C. Seems like low 30's in F are around 0 C and decent camping gear should have no problem with that like you mentioned.

Comment Re:Not important (Score 1) 142

The Mac mini has not been upgraded since 2012, which is proof enough that Apple doesn't care about making computers anymore.

Yep. There is the 2014 Mac mini, but with the quad core options going away and RAM getting soldered with no justifiable reason (form factor didn't change a bit), it doesn't really count as an upgrade. So the Mac mini has not been upgraded since 2012 indeed :P This is quite annoying as my 2011 mini is starting to get rather old.

Comment Re:Avoided, Not Missed (Score 5, Insightful) 322

XP Works. Vista, 7, and 8 really don't

Wow, this has got to be one of the most opinionated and/or misinformed things I've read in quite a while. XP was the last consumer Windows that was more or less designed for the "isn't everybody an admin?" mindset. Part of Vista's bad reputation was due to it being the messenger that got shot while delivering the "hey guys, the party's over. We really need to stop assuming every user can write to system locations. This time for real." message to developers and users. Naturally the ultra-paranoid UAC settings didn't help with that. In 7 and 8 the new security model was fine-tuned to actually work instead of bombarding users with multiple confirmations for the same operation and as a result the modern versions of Windows are reasonably secure, especially when compared to the security nightmare that XP was prior to SP2.

Comment Re: "Obviously" not Last Pass or 1Password (Score 1) 445

Indeed. While 1Password does provide the possibility to sync via Dropbox, you can also choose to use a local database and handle possible mobile sync via local wifi. That's what I did back in the day when they didn't have the Dropbox sync as an option. No, I'm not in any way affiliated with AgileBits. Just a long-time 1Password user.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 398

The 8.1 start button actually has one good reason to take up all that extra space: It now provides more area where to right-click to bring up a menu with shortcuts to many useful functions. Back in Windows 8.0 it was only available when you dragged the cursor to the corner and got the Metro preview. According to a quick survey on IRC, it turned out that not that many people were aware of that handy context menu there. Can't blame them, though. Microsoft's done quite a job with hiding all the stuff Windows 8 can do.

Comment Re:"...one smells less" (Score 1) 832

Which one is that?

I had my parental leave a little less than a year ago. While at first returning to work seemed like a nice break from everything related to taking care of a pre-term infant, a nasty issue related to SharePoint was all it took to make diaper changes feel not bad at all actually. In those cases, at least someone is happy at the end and general happiness is restored a whole lot quicker.

Comment Re:I don't know why /. does not understand Google. (Score 1) 240

Google did not block browser access, win-phone could still using the service with their browsers, what they couldn't have was alternative win-fied applications.

Umm, time to (re-)read TFA? Blocking browser access is exactly what they did here. Just checked on my company-issued Lumia 800 that accessing maps.google.com on IE still redirects to the mobile version of their main page.

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