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Comment Another missing option (Score 2, Interesting) 596

A few times per decade.

My colo'd server (RH7.x) was up over 4 years when the colo operator had to do a physical move to a new facility.

My home system (SL4) pretty much reboots only for extended power outages or major updates with kernel changes I really, really want.

The rest of the family's systems (FC9) reboot once or twice a year when a new Fedora release is installed.

At work (CentOS4 or SL4) the average system stays up 6 month to 18 months between reboots, although we have some desktops that reboot a few times a year. Infrastructure systems (from RH9 to SL5.2) average a year up. Windows infrastructure systems stay up from 6 months to 2 years, but they each run one service (plus whatever is required for that service) and remain lightly loaded (by design). We have no Windows desktops, and Windows laptops are rebooted regularly as one might expect.

Comment Re:Just read through the PDF (Score 4, Informative) 88

They do mention a compromised domain controller, which suggests (though doesn't guarantee) Windows.

They also mention DOT, which I believe is heavily into Windows.

In the late 1980s I know there was some UNIX/X11 development going on for ATC in Germany, but I never heard whether it went big time in Europe, much less in the USA.

There are some references on the net from 2007 or so that the FAA was switching from Win to Lin, but I'm not sure what systems those were, or if it really happened. They could easily run a mix of UNIX, Linux, Windows and others on the back end, and mostly Windows on the front end.

Finally, the ATC systems probably run RTOS or a real-time UNIX.

Comment state vs federal law (Score 1) 594

...States are allowed to regulate even if there isn't a constitutional bar to an action.

In fact, all powers not specifically delegated to the Constitution are reserved for the states. Which means that if the courts rule it isn't covered by the Constitution, each state can ignore it or pass its own law[s] on the subject.

This can lead to widely different laws, which isn't necessarily bad-- it means (in theory) that each group of people had different beliefs about what the law should be.

Comment OK, saw it - looks like a great idea (Score 1) 324

The next comment had the Smoking Gun link. I think these folk did an excellent job, and I don't see what anyone could have gotten legitimately offended or upset about in this book. It's not gory. They don't have people leaping to their deaths, or being decapitated, or burned alive ("No, Johnny, the flame about his head should have more blue in it").

Comment Re:Wrong decision (Score 1) 324

At what age do you think kids stop coloring? I agree that they might stop at age 4 if you us ethe TV set as a babysitter, or have them addicted to high tech games by then. But a lot of kids, even today, color at least til 7 or 8, and many later than that. And a six year old understands a lot more than most people give them credit for.

I never suggested the book was to "teach kids about 9/11". But it is a disaster, and it could happen again. Beyond that, it's a disaster that profoundly affects them whether they yet realize it or not.

I've raised two kids, and spent an awful lot of time with kids of all ages, from all walks of life. I know kids. This isn't going to traumatize them.

Beyond that, we survived a tornado which tore our house up good while we were at home. I promise you that tornados showed up in the majority of pictures, stories (spoken, written, etc) and whatnot our kids were involved with for quite some time.

I haven't seen the book, only the cover. But it seems very promising. Pulling it, however, seems to be a kneejerk response to kneejerk responses by a small group of people. If you can point me to a link with the full book I'll be happy to re-evaluate in lihgt of fuller data.

Comment Wrong decision (Score 4, Insightful) 324

But given the level of ignorance and PCness in this country, not at all surprising. Games and coloring books are two ways kids learn, remember and process things. I recall growing up with coloring books that depicted, for instance, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Nazis, etc. It didn't turn me into a hateful monster or give me terrible dreams; it helped me learn, remember and understand. I've talked to several friends about this (I have friends across most spectrums you can come up with) and they reached the same conclusion.

We've become absurdly over-sensitive as a nation.

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