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Submission + - South African Health department blames Excel for loss of 4 million (in-other-news.com)

RoLi writes: The chief of the health department of the South African province of Limpopo, which has a population of over 5 million people, blames Excel for the loss of the equivalent of $4 million.

A committee has found irregularities in office supplies in the fiscal year 2009-2010. This was justified by declaring that the department had so much to manage that the result would no longer fit into Microsoft Excel. However, she admitted that their current asset management system was inadequate.

The committee seemingly found this explanation credible, because the only consequence of the affair are 13 million Rand (~$1M) for a new "asset management system" for the health department.


Submission + - Will Microsoft-IIS become legacy software? (in-other-news.com)

RoLi writes: The share in Japan, Germany, Russia and many other countries already lies below 4% for many years. But also traditionally Microsoft-friendly countries can turn away from IIS, for example in the last 10 years, the share in France fell from 35% to 5%, in Brazil and Taiwan from over 45% to 15% and in India even from 65% to 18%.

In more and more countries, Microsoft will face the problem that third parties (webhosters, IT-departments within companies, fleelancing programmers, etc.) don't even offer support for their products and the know-how is lost because Microsoft-webservers are seen more and more as a legacy-technology.


Submission + - 12,000 dollars for a lemonade, or: Bilingualism in (in-other-news.com)

RoLi writes: On that day, Michel Thibodeau flew from Toronto to Ottawa (both English-speaking cities in Canada) and ordered 7up in French but got served Sprite. After having used the same trick to win a lawsuit against the same airline, he sued again for 25,000 dollars. Is it a justified indemnification for psychic damages or is it a type of "low intensity conflict" or a "civil war with juridical means" in which everybody, including judges, want to further the interests of "their side"?
The Internet

Submission + - Why there will be no IPv6 transition (in-other-news.com)

RoLi writes: The mistake in the design of IPv6 is not really in the technology. The mistake does not lie in the design of the protocol itself, but in the incompatibility of the addresses. Because it is not a technological but a administrative problem, there will hardly be a technical solution for it.

The future is hard to predict and it will be hard to predict how long IPv4 will live, but one thing is sure: What ever will come after it, it won't be IPv6.

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