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Comment Re:Doh (Score 1) 408

Actually, I watch the content in a timely manner to experience it without having it spoiled by everyone else that watched it over the course of the prior year.

And yes, that happens quite often in my life, unfortunately. Sad part is that it's usually not the same people who do it, which makes it difficult to avoid.

Remember the twist in The Sixth Sense that you didn't see coming? I don't. Someone saw me with the disc in hand and spoiled it before I even put it in my DVD player.

Spoilers aren't bad if you're at the front of the release curve.

Comment Re:Doh (Score 1) 408

Now if only Netflix had content that was less than a year old, it'd be great.

Online streams? They often suffer from the same REALLY FREAKIN LOUD COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTIONS. cbs.com, I'm talking to you.

Fortunately, we now have precedent. In 40 years, they will be no louder than the content itself. Excellent!

Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 554

No doubt. I don't want want to live forever, just long enough to piss my great great grandchildren off when they have to change the age field in their databases from a tinyint() or byte to something more worthy.

Comment The cup is half full (Score 1) 418

Write your own game. Since you're bored with the current crop, you are less likely to reproduce them and might just come up with the next Angry Birds or Meat Boy concept.

I felt the same way you did not that long ago and now I've got a functioning prototype using the Unreal Development Kit. If you can image it, you can do it. Git 'r' dun!

Comment Licenses (Score 1) 466

So if the $60 I spent for the 360 version lets me use and transfer the license for the content that's provided by the game developer and the distributor (i.e., I can sell the CD on the used market), shouldn't the DLC license also be transferable as I already posses the physical media with said content?

Honestly, I don't mind paying for the DLCs. I just wish they had been up front about how they were being distributed -- they've lost some of my trust simply because they didn't disclose the method they were planning to use.

Comment Re:Get a VPS, host yourself (Score 1) 456

The other great thing is that you make a disk image of your VPS and store it remotely as a backup. Then if you decide to move, you just find another company running the same VM software and restore the entire image. BAM! It doesn't get any easier.

I've been doing this for years and it works great. Plus you can always start up the VM software at home (since most places use free software anyway) and do remote development with your *compete* live environment. It's great.

Almost 60 VPSes currently running under my name and wouldn't recommend anything less to anyone as tech savvy as the Slashdot crowd!

Comment Re:No more support (Score 3, Insightful) 512

I should have clarified. My sites are all now built for HTML5 and every attempt is made to stay standards-compliant.

While users with older browsers are redirected, the entire site (short of the few pages with directions) use those standards and are still visible selects the ``I know my browser was made in the 1800s but I still want to see your site'' link.

It's code and pages that I wrote one and just copy into new sites. *That's* what I wish more people would do. We could all gently urge those who either don't know or don't care and perhaps make the web a better place, one user at a time.

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