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Comment Re:An alternative to the death penalty (Score 1) 591

I have managed to consolidate capital punishment and the possible flaws by the following requirements:

1. Convicted of a crime that qualifies for capital punishment
2. Found guilty unanimously by a jury.
3. Sentenced as such
4. The accused is examined and found to be mentally fit.
5. The accused agrees with and signs off on the punishment (after all appeals are completed or waived)

I believe these conditions would allow for capital punishment, while ensuring a minimum of wrongful convictions.

Comment Re:One Potential Application For Rock Bands (Score 1) 85

I can't believe that someone would just go through the riders and hand them out to whomever, and not check, especially if a condition wasn't met, the whole contract would be forfeited. If they had a rider stating that the trash cans in the green room had to be changed every 60 minutes, or the contract would be forfeited, would you trust some 16 year old to perform that and not check up on them? "Oh, sorry, Board of Directors, it wasn't my fault the show got cancelled, and couldn't recoup our losses, but Andre forgot to follow the rider......I think he may have been distracted by exams at school."

In fine restaurants, they just don't give the customer's orders to the chefs then forget about them. There is a person on the line who's job is specifically to ensure that the finished product is as expected by the standards set by the guy who owns the place. There is also a FOH person to make sure that the standards of the customer are being met as well (of course, there are conflicts between the line and customer that arise, but those can be worked out)

Comment Pay for loyalty? (Score 1) 343

How about paying a substantial fraction of what the CEOs get. Won't stop hacking, but while prevention is half the game, motivation would go quite a bit, I think. Personally, I am pretty sure a lot of these 'hacks' are just former employees that got screwed and was offered a whole bunch of money for very little knowledge by someone else. An NDA isn't Captain America's shield when the employee was pretty much broke anyways.

Comment Is this for real? (Score 2) 62

HA! I will point out your problem. You went mainstream. Years ago, I realized that all the hacking tools go that route too. So, all my passwords are only 2 characters......and only binary numbers. Hack That!

Comment Re:But seriously speaking ... (Score 1) 465

The hip-hop group The Coup was just about to release an album cover showing members of the group blowing up the towers. The pictures had been taken in June, 2011 and the album was planned to be released in November. They quickly decided to go with a different theme. Read more:

Comment Insurance risks (Score 1) 104

You'd figure they would be more concerned about leaving unpackaged sharp knives around for the humans themselves considering the insurance costs.

"Well you see officer, the man was over at that wall full of razor sharp knives that were hung on those pegboard things, and he was on his tippy toes grabbing one, then the whole thing tilted over."

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