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Comment "Cyberspace" is the soul of the Internet (Score 3, Interesting) 292

It occurs to me that the concept of "Cyberspace" is not too distant from the concept of a soul in the individual. The soul seems to have originated, and continues to be accepted as a valid metaphysical concept, because we do not want to believe in ourselves as merely the firing of synapses in the brain. We want to believe that there is more going on there, something that supersedes those physical boundaries and makes us more than that. Thus, we think of the soul as a real thing, even as it's directly linked to our brains in some way. Thinking of Cyberspace as being more than the a mere collection of the computers, pathways between then, and signals being sent, is very similar. We seem to want to think of the Internet as more than the merely the the sum of those parts. Where the analogy breaks down of course, is that unlike the human brain, there is nothing we do not know about how the Internet functions. As such, it seems to me like the author is right, and we really should be taking a physicalist approach in order to have a meaningful conversation: The Internet really is merely the sum of it's parts, and nothing more. There is no "Cyberspace," it is a metaphysical mistake to think there is one, and it is a result of the way we use our language that lends credence to the concept.

Comment Diversify (Score 1) 547

There's a locally owned DVD rental store near where I live. This may not be viable for your friend, but they've always also been in the market of Game Rentals/Used Sales. They are essentially the only place to rent video games, and their prices on Used Games are way better than EB/Game Stop. Not only do they pay more (cash) for your used games, they also sell them for cheaper, so competing with EB/Game Stop is not incredibly challenging. Only problem, is that they've been in this business since BEFORE we had an EB games in the mall, back when I'd buy my Super NES games used. I'm not sure if it'll be possible to start that up from scratch at this point, with most people already granting EB the monopoly in their minds.

Comment Re:Slave labor (Score 1) 654

To hire someone who's labor cannot justify the "living wage" is to engage in charity and many small business owners cannot afford to be that generous.

if you cannot afford to run your business without slave labor then society should not allow your business to remain open.

Minimum wage is not slave labour, it's just minimum wage, nothing more, nothing less. Dramatic hyperbole is not going to make your case solid. If you actually believe that "if you cannot afford to run a business without paying minimum wage then society should not allow your business to remain open," I think you have a rather naive understanding of how much money many small businesses are making.

Comment Re:When I was a lad ... (Score 5, Funny) 321

.. when I bought my first home computer in 1978 (a 1MHz Z80-based NASCOM 1) it came as a bare motherboard and a bag of chips (ICs, not potato) and you had to build it yourself.

Then we memorized the Z80 assembler op codes and wrote programs directly in hex, poking those codes into the chips we'd just soldered in.

And we liked it like that.

So it was "Some assembly required" then, eh?

Comment Re:I use "AC" always (Score 1) 315

The unintended side effect is that people may judge the lack of name rather than the piece. "Why didn't the author want their name on it? Is it that bad?" You can't win either way. Fact is, people will read into it one way or the other, name or no name.

Comment Re:Study finds surveys bad science.. (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Don't forget the fact that the magazine in question is "Discovery Girls." Now, I don't want to submit myself completely to stereotypes, but what kind of person reads Discovery Girls? I'm guessing NERDY GIRLS. Just a shot in the dark. And nerds aren't exactly known for their stellar social skills. Not that any of this is a bad thing, I'd take a nerdy socially awkward girl any day of the week (not from the age range the survey took from mind you).

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 649

It's not like MegaUpload was some kind of charity ... CEO seemed to be making money hand-over-fist.

All that proves is that MegaUpload was providing value to people.

Making money hand over fist doesn't always mean you're providing value to people. The RIAA still makes money hand over fist. Do you think they provide a lot of value to people? You can make tons of money off of the Stock Market as a day trader, are you providing value to people? I'm not saying MegaUpload WASN'T providing a valuable service. I'm just saying MegaUpload making money is not an indicator they are providing value to anyone.

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