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Comment Stick to the nerd stuff. not the USA stuff (Score 1) 1839

I live in the Netherlands (that's in Europe :-) and I'm getting pretty fed up with the overall trend on USA-related topics in here. We have local new coverage of all major US presidency-events, and /. covers so much more of them its annoying (note that this applies to non-presidency-events as well, I'm just giving examples) Disclaimer: I don't mean any disrespect, I'm sure such topics are important for many USA-citizens, but ask yourselves: do they really belong on a tech website fronting 'news for nerds' ?

Submission + - Dutch court orders Facebook to reveal identity of sex video sharer (

RinkSpringer writes: [Original article is in Dutch, translation follows]
A girl of 21 years old sued Facebook in order to determine who posted a sex video of her on Facebook around the end of January. [...] The video has been downloaded and shared a fair number of times, and still continues. Facebook claimed the information regarding the poster was erased on February. The video was recorded by the girl's ex, but he denies having shared the video.

A judge has ordered Facebook to supply the information requested within two weeks. If the information was erased, a third party is to be allowed to examine Facebook's systems in order to obtain the information, if possible.

Facebook hasn't responded to the verdict.

Comment Just follow their protocol (Score 1) 479

Been there; learned support people don't really appreciate being walked through packet dumps and such - the reply was among the lines of 'Have you tried turning it on and off again?', so after an hour or so I just gave up. So I unplugged the modem, called back: "Hey my internet doesn't work!' - 'Oh I can't see anything, can you try setting the modem?' 'Sure' 'Hmm still don't see anything, I suggest a new modem' and when I got one, the problem disappeared. This call only took 5 minutes... Bottom line: just follow their protocol and you'll be fine - I definitely check that the problem isn't at my side, and when I know it isn't, I'll just call their support and let them walk through their procedures. They aren't interested in technical analysis at all, so don't bother them with it.

Comment Re:Why does it have to be systemd? (Score 1) 442

[Disclaimer: I've clicked through the slides, not watched the presentation] - yet your comment makes me feel you may expect too many changes, much too quickly. You see, the opinion of a co-founder isn't necessarily the opinion of the entire project. Anyone is free to contribute whatever he/she feels like the project needs; whether it will be adopted may be an entire different matter. Core changes like these _will_ get quite of lot of discussion, likely because the rc system 'just works' and I would not expect it to be changed anytime soon by something that hasn't matured. Note that this is just the expectation I have from working a few years within the FreeBSD project, so YMMV, etc.

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