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Comment Very close to being junk science. (Score 1) 587

"If a meta-analysis is conducted by an individual or organization with a bias or predetermined desired outcome, it should be treated as highly suspect or having a high likelihood of being "junk science". From an integrity perspective, researchers with a bias should avoid meta-analysis and use a less abuse-prone (or independent) form of research."

Comment Re:Need to cut police spending (Score 1) 301

"He was in/near my house" is not a reasonable answer to "Why the hell did you shoot that guy?".

If he was IN my house, uninvited, it IS a reasonable excuse to "shoot that guy." Period. I can logically assume he is not there to do me any favors, else he would knocked.

Give me one good instance where an uninvited, unknown person, in the middle of the night, should be allowed in a person's house without legal recourse???

In the U.S., property ownership still trumps criminals' "rights," as it should.

Comment Re:Tyrants... (Score 2, Insightful) 301

They probably ARE keeping a file, but not for the reason you hope. Mostly because citizens who understand the Constitution, and remember that Thomas Jefferson once said, "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants," are a stumbling block to wider and wider police powers. That that makes them a threat.


The 9 Most Tested Lab Animals 235

An anonymous reader writes "Discover Magazine has this odd photo gallery in which they explain why certain animals are used in scientific research. Why are high-tech contact lenses always tried out in rabbits? Why do we study monogamy in prairie voles? Etc. They say of the 9 animals: 'Taken (or stitched) together, they form a kind of laboratory doppelganger for humans.'"
The Internet

FCC Wants More Time To Craft Broadband Plan 140

adeelarshad82 writes "Julius Genachowski, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, has sent out a letter to Congress requesting more time for the commission to deliver its national broadband plan. According to the stimulus bill passed in early 2009, the FCC was to come up with a plan to provide all citizens with access to broadband services and deliver it to the committee by February 17, 2010. Even though an outline of the plan was released last month, FCC is requesting till March 17, 2010 to finalize the plan."

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