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Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 1) 142

I thought that was a good idea, but one thing that goes wrong is that you need an, at least, semi-charged battery to pull this off. I reckon the common use cases for something like this actually see a lot of value in being able to burn a dead phone without having to find a battery for it first. Makes me wonder if an analog solution would be preferred.

Comment Re:...And? (Score 1) 428

This is just wrong. A human is a vibrant, strong, and brilliant creature. To that end the pursuit of health is a humanistic endeavor. We were meant to live days that are both many in count and excellent in nature. You're proposing that living fewer days in relative sickness and malaise is preferable to a long and energetic life, so long as certain indulgences are more frequently met.

Life on the Dew and Doritos is so much shorter, and worse, than life on the avocado and deadlift.

Comment Re:Slashdot and both start with 's', may (Score 1) 317

Slashdot tries to read the pulse of the community in order to fulfill the "Stuff that Matters" mantra. Classically, these "off-topic" topics have been religious, civil, political, etc.. In the past several years there has been a huge uptick of interest in dietary matters within Slashdot. Hence...eggs.

Comment Probably oversimplifying, but... (Score 1) 225

Where t is the time for a problem size of 1
speed = (t(n^m))/hardware_speedup

A bit of algebra and we get...
((speed*hardware_speedup)/t)^(1/m) = n

That is, for, say, an order n^2 algorithm your speedup from hardware on a similar sized problem gets thrown under a big-ol square root. Such that, if your code sucks, "...aiming to use the power of the modern consoles to push the game engine as far as it would go" won't get you nearly as far as you would hope.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 2) 152

The thing about a statement like this is that, regardless of how correct it may be, it is completely, and flaccidly, useless.

Let's switch the analogy to something like a CPU scheduler.

Say that we have an OS and it habitually lags ass. Tasks quickly begin to accumulate within our OS, CPU utilization drops precipitously, and we eventually hit a deadlock. This is a front and center problem. All of the project's developers have been shuffled into the main hall to address this one issue, because if this doesn't work then we have nothing.

The hall is buzzing with discussion. People are pouring over profiles and usage patterns. Real progress is being made. Then, suddenly, from the back of the hall comes a booming voice.

"It's tasks in, tasks out. We're just taking in more tasks than we're finishing." ...

You'd be able to hear a pin drop. Okay, yes, technically. But...and?


UCSD To Test Safety of Spinal Stem Cell Injection 43

An anonymous reader writes Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have launched a clinical trial to investigate the safety of neural stem cell transplantation in patients with chronic spinal cord injuries. This Phase I clinical trial is recruiting eight patients for the 5-year study. Pre-clinical studies of these cells by Ciacci and Martin Marsala, MD, at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, showed that these grafted neural stem cells improved motor function in spinal cord injured rats with minimal side effects indicating that human clinical trials are now warranted.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 5, Interesting) 387

Testosterone isn't some Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde concoction like you seem to think it is.

As long as we're dealing with anecdotes I will throw mine into the ring. I've engaged in powerlifting as a hobby for the past two years, during which I have met some very impressive, and dedicated, individuals. These men are strong. Really strong. Functionally strong. They're not just pounding out hammer curls and shrugs to get a pump. They are training for strength, the kind of strength where elevated testosterone just comes with the territory. And they've all been pussycats. After benching just shy of 400lbs they aren't grunting and scowling, they're grinning ear-to-ear and are practically giggling. They're considerate with the equipment and readily share when the weight room is busy. They don't scoff at the 110lbs new guy, rather they're begging the new guy to take before-and-after shots because, "...if you keep this up you are going to be AWESOME in a year!"

Testosterone does not cause assholish-ness, per se, so much as it exacerbates it. If you are a kind, decent, person then becoming strong (and thus achieving higher levels of testosterone) will not change that. But if you are dick...well now you are a dick who is strong and you likely no longer feel the need to restrain your jackass behavior because you feel as though you can physically overwhelm any challengers to your supreme phallus.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 545

It's a frequent "let's play absurd" argument from meat eaters that plants have a central nervous system, too, and suffer and that they are being nice to plants by not eating meat.

I have NEVER heard this said outside of joking. If someone has actually tried to seriously argue a plant CNS with you, kick them in a soft spot - for me.

However, plants != meat. You come close to realizing this but quickly step away from the edge. Meat is "inefficient" because it is a degree removed from the original energy source. That is, the sun jaunts on down and gets captured by a plant to be used as energy to convert local material into being more plants. We can now eat that plant OR we can feed that plant to an animal which will then use the energy and materials to make more animal. The extra step is subject is lossiness, just as you would expect.

But we don't do this lossy conversion just because we're arbitrary jackasses. We do it because plants != meat. You can try to slam down as much quinoa and avocado as you want, but it's not the same nutrients, not even the same protein nor fat. A slab of fatty cold water fish and some chopped liver once a week cannot be replaced by plants. Only with modern globalization has this plant/meat replacement become even a remotely possible thing (unless you can point to a single location where all of these fatty and proteiny plants grow in one place), even then it does not come highly recommended.

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