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Comment Recycle. (Score 2, Informative) 970

I've been using cartridge stores like Cartridge World. Overall, the ink there is much cheaper. However, the best thing you can do is call up your local recycling center and see if they take e-waste. More so, a simple Google reveals that many manufacturers will take back their own product for recycling. Even if they're not listed, it wouldn't hurt to contact the manufacturer to see what programs they have in place.

Comment Re:Absolutely not. (Score 3, Insightful) 435

Pfft... slippery slope. In this case, the company (Datel) already CREATED a working solution. It's not about about hand-holding or anything like that, right now. It's about MS locking out Datel's product because it's 4x the storage (expandable to like.. 64x with a micro SDHC card) and only $10 more. Microsoft is doing it because they love money.

Comment Re:America against Bandwidth Caps (Score 1) 382

Yeah, we (Americans) generally have solid caps, and radically different pricing tiers that not only include different caps but different speeds you're limited to. Either pick one or the other: give a cap at the fastest your network will allow, or limit people to what they're paying but don't cap. I'm not sure about how it is in Europe, but if that's how it is there too then I feel sorry for you guys.

Even more annoying, the ISPs here that are starting to cap offer no 'off-peak' times, which is a better solution for me, I concur, as any heavy downloads I do are mostly at night, but I can't say that for everyone--like people who use Netflix to watch HD content; they only offer capped internet (Example being the target of this story, Time Warner Cable, 50 GiB/$50) or you bust the cap until you hit unlimited ($150). Some companies like Comcast don't have anything remotely like the unlimited. You breach your cap, you get warned. Do it enough, and your service is cut off.

I think what annoys people most about this is that they raise rates all the time, in the name of 'improving infrastructure and bringing new technology' and in the process, everyone sees a declination of services while they trumpet increased profits, all while the people supporting their efforts ("heavy downloaders make us pay more", "if you use xxx amount of bandwidth, get a business account", "you make the network less reliable", etc) just don't get it, IMO.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 94

This doesn't make since, as there are games that use tons of movie content in them. Even simple games like Mario Kart Wii have movies playing in the background of the menus. I know there are more logistical points to be made here (and someone will jump in explaining the 'differences'), but saying that the Wii's DVD laser isn't made to read data off of a DVD without damaging the laser seems like a bunch of bullshit.

Comment Re:Normal People? (Score 1) 1019

Like AlphaFreak said, sudo pico /etc/hosts and then restart whichever app you're using. Quit Safari, reopen and voila. Changes are working. Finder crashes? Spotlight > Terminal > killall Finder, and bam. It's restarted. And I've NEVER had an issue with Finder crashing, and disabling right-clicking. Decompression software? There's tons of Zip decompression stuff. If you don't like where it extracts stuff, feel free to make a front-end in AppleScript for the unzip terminal program. It's possible, and it's honestly not that hard. Uninstalling applications? AppZapper frees up your space. I've not been using Macs for all that long, and even I can tell you this. I think you need to do your homework or Google things before you whine about them.

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