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Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 285

Right now we have a President who thinks we can not afford to give people health care. He also thinks that this country is so great that too many people will risk their life to illegally get here to spend their life in fear. They will also pay into social security without ever getting any retirement pay. As for health care, he will do everything is his power to destroy ACA but he will still blame it on Obama. With all the progress that is going on why do we still try to take away things from some of the people? When will we feel secure enough to not have to worry about some people getting a decent life? I can say for sure it will not be in the next four years.

Comment Re:Optimistic or deluded (Score 1) 161

Everyone will have a computer master. The computer will know everything about its human slave and I mean everything. The computer will know the exact measurement and weight of its human. The computer will know the color and texture of every part of the human's body. We will demand this so the computer will tell its human when and what to eat, when and how long to sleep, how and how long to exercise. It will warn the human if anything is going wrong long before the human is aware of the problem. We will be able to play any musical instrument or sport by downloading the skills to our brain but since we value only that which is hard to accomplish, we will have very little to really value. It will be boring most of the time.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 238

I live near a pumped storage plant. They are spending close to a billion dollars replacing the turbine blades. Using this site https://upload.wikimedia.org/w..., I see that the deepest part of Lake Michigan is only around 30 miles from that pumped storage plant. They already have the transmission lines at the pumped storage plant so they could put one at the deepest point of Lake Michigan and put windmills above it. The windmills could be placed so that they could not be seen from shore. If all this could be made for less than a billion dollars and it could provide for about 2 gigawatts of power than I hope someone will do it here.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 45

I use to purchase sony cameras at garage sales. I have several sony cameras because they have two problems. First is storage. I have 3 that store pictures on 3.5-inch floppy disks. Who has a computer that uses them anymore? I have a couple more that use memory sticks that come in more than one version and are way more expensive than sd cards. Then there is the battery. I guess they could not use the standard aa or aaa batteries. They do not charge in the camera so one needs a separate charger of which there are a huge number and a lot more than I paid for the camera. I have a nephew that has a ps4 with a 500-gigabyte hard drive. It takes more than 40 gigabytes per game so one can store about a dozen games on it. I looked into buying another hard drive but they made the space for the drive smaller than standard. I am sure they need those couple of millimeters for other reasons than trying to make people buy from them. Sony does a lot to make people buy from them only and at a lot more money.


LG Is Abandoning the Modular Smartphone Idea (theverge.com) 78

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: LG's modular phone accessory strategy that served as the primary differentiator for last year's G5 smartphone appears to be no more. The Wall Street Journal reports that the South Korean company is pivoting away from the plug-in "Friends" modules for the upcoming G6 device after lackluster sales for the G5. Per The Wall Street Journal, an LG spokesperson commented that consumers aren't interested in modular phones. The company instead is planning to focus on functionality and design aspects for the upcoming G6, which Chief Technologist Skott Ahn says will be released "in the very near future." According to the WSJ, the LG G6 will arrive "in the very near future," which suggests the phone will launch at Mobile World Congress next month.

Comment Re:Copies still exist. (Score 1) 822

What is wrong with the Democrats? Why didn't they encrypt all of their sensitive information? There are ways to store information in pictures so that anyone looking at them will not see anything different. They could have gotten everyone's email address and just sent to all and they would have had better security than they obvious did. The fact that they did not encrypt means they did not care about them getting into the wrong hands or were too stupid to take even basic steps since there is plenty of software that could have prevented all of this.

Comment Re:Anal - lytic (Score 1) 161

I will replace a hdd when the ssd comes in a usb case so I can first boot from the ssd. It should have a Linux OS which would first clone the hdd. Than I would swap the hdd with the ssd. After booting again my computer should be exactly the same as it was before the ssd. There are clone programs that will not clone a larger hdd to a smaller ssd. Since ssd have usually less memory, it is hard to clone a hdd to them. After upgrading to a ssd, I should have a faster computer and a external hdd to store a lot of pictures and videos.

Comment Re:Good for convenience, bad for large IT shops (Score 1) 222

I did a factory reset on a laptop to get back to 8. It started out with 181 updates and took over 8 hours to accomplish this. I turned it on the next day only to discover there were 21 more updates. I do not know if it is windows 10 or slashdot software but to type in this comment I attach a external keyboard since if I type on the laptop keyboard it goes crazy on me making it most difficult to type. Microsoft's games are the worst. I was playing Treasure Hunter and all at once it quit on me I restarted the game only to find that it was like I never played the game therefore losing more than a month of playing it. My results are suppose to stored on the cloud so there should be nothing my laptop could to produce that result. I really do not want to start over if there is a chance that it will happen again. In the game one must get across the screen to find an exit but for some reason the exit is not visible unless on magnifies the screen to the max. There is a game of solitaire where one must accomplish a task within a certain number of moves. But they have auto moves that can not be shut off and do not help in winning the game. So one must hit the undue button a lot of times since the game will try to redo the moves after every move the player does. Does anyone at Microsoft even play these games as if they did they would certainly see how frustrating they are. I have seen a game that will display a screen just to have it replaced by another screen. They could not be bothered to delete that screen instead of just adding more software to load another. Yet they are trying to get people to pay them over $10 a year so that they do not have to watch commercials. Most of the commercials are there just to punish those who do not pay as one game will advertise another game and it does not matter if one already has both games. I am sure some of the advertising is for me since some are for a Michigan government site. So they must know I live in Michigan. There is a game called Jackpot. It is a free download but they will try to sell you a lucky charm. The most expensive one is $229. I can not imagine someone paying that much money on a free game. I just realized there is not a sticker on my laptop with the key for the OS. If my hard drives fails on me how will I be able to restore the OS on a new one. I guess I could buy a 32 gigabyte flash memory stick and backup the OS and than store it somewhere so that I can find it if I keep the laptop long enough for the hard drive to fail. I would think that they could design the bios so that it could reach Microsoft so that in case of a hard drive failure Microsoft would reload its OS with all of their updates. Quality software must be a crazy idea that Microsoft will not be able to ever accomplish.

Comment Re:Lack of QA in Redmond? (Score 1) 88

Why must I relearn everything after every upgrade? There is no minimize on this firefox browser. To minimize it I must hit the windows key since clicking on the icon on the task bar does nothing. There is now only a icon for all apps so I have to click it to get all apps. There is an icon for settings but it just another thing that must be learned. Microsoft games do not work right either. Some of the time when I click on say minesweeper it just show the initial screen and than does nothing. I either have to restart the operating system or I have to restart the game several times. Four days seem to be the maximum I can get away without rebooting. There are two games adventure and treasure hunter that can not show the last part of the game unless one magnifies the screen so much that one can not see the overall picture so one must memorize it and than magnify the screen to find the exit point. It is curious since the games failed to work than they started to work and than after an update went back to failing again. I can not find the command prompt. It used to be on the start menu but it is not there anymore and is not on the taskbar. I have read instruction to type a command on the taskbar but there is nowhere to type it. I have more than one computer and the problems are the same on all of them. If I touch the pad while typing this comment the computer will go crazy and I will have to spend some time getting back to where I was.

Comment Re:Not again! (Score 1) 61

IBM is behind World Community Grid. They have contributed about 250 million results. They are not slowing down either. If one could produce these results at say a nickel a result in electricity cost than they have spent an additional 12.5 million dollars. But they are still asking for volunteers to produce results which should be a lot cheaper for them to produce themselves. Their cloud business should be able do this without much problems. Their must be a reason why they are still pushing distributed computing in a world where cloud computing is also being pushed. Super computers today are doing over 100 times what all the members of WCG can hope to accomplish. I would think IBM could get a government grant to help in the cost too.

Comment Re:Monitor Team? [Re:"could not recall"] (Score 1) 409

First they should encrypt all secrets. Second only approved devices should be able to be able to read those files. Third those devices should have a way for them to contact the government everyday so that they could be remotely destroyed if they had fallen in the wrong hands, Therefore Clinton should have only the ability to send encrypted files which could be read only by authorized personnel. Anything less than that is negligence by the government not by any individual.

Comment Re:Bad Choice of Location (Score 1) 222

I live in western Michigan. We now have 56 windmills in my county. There is also a very large pumped storage plant. It pumps water from Lake Michigan up into a man made lake when there is low demand for electricity and allows the water to flow back generating electricity when the demand is high. Someone wanted to put some windmills in Lake Michigan. Some people stated that the windmills would spoil their view of the lake and since they would not generate many jobs it was unanimously defeated. Lake Michigan is about 50 miles wide so if they could put the windmills in the middle 10 miles that would still leave more than 20 miles from both shores. There is plenty of wind power over the great lakes but as of yet no one is putting windmills there. There is plenty of demand since Chicago and Milwaukee are both on it shores.

Comment Re:solving aging (Score 1) 282

I say bullshit to your comment. I know for personal experience about the selling of crap cars to our young people. They are just trying to get to work and are being exploited to the max. I know that they will pay more than twice what I pay for a vehicle since I always have enough money and they must borrow. I will pay far less for insurance since I do not need full coverage. I know that there are a lot of police out there just trying to generate income by generating fines. Half of which are not even close to fair and the other half could just get a warning but for the need to keep the income flowing. Just watch John Oliver's Last week and one will see how the one per centers are exploiting the poor in this country. They are charging a lot more to the people who have a lot less. So why do both China and Russia believe that they must steal all they can from their neighbors? So why do our rich feel that they need to steal all they can from the average person in this country? If everything is going to be great than why demand that we can not afford heath care and demand that we burn dirty coal and produce all the gas and oil that we can? Please tell the republicans about all the good things that are going to happen because they are trying to scare us about all the horrible things they claim are going to happen.

Comment Re:Humans Need Not Apply (Score 2) 93

i am a 67 year old man who lives alone because his wife died and his children live in other states. When I look to the future I still see many needs for me. There is cleaning the house and me. There is mowing the grass in the summer and keeping the sidewalks and driveway free from snow in the winter. There is also raking the leaves in the fall. There is also cooking my food. There is maintaining the house I live in. Now I do not see any type of robots doing any of that work in the near future. I could see designing underground homes and transportation system so that there is a far less need for much of that work. For instance robots cooking meals and being delivered automatically. I think it will take more than 50 years for a lot of that to happen and I will be dead long before it does happen. But for someone born today it will be a definite problem when they are in their 50's. Since there are probably millions of people like me there will be lots of work unless someone decides to kill us all.

Comment Re:Turbo Charge? (Score 1) 98

I tried to purchase diapers for my granddaughter to be picked up at a store in another state. It did not go well since they somehow lost her name and would not allow her to pick up them. I would purchase a lot more if they would have tickets around the store for items. For instance a computer motherboard that would have a ticket for it. I would just give the ticket to the clerk who would scan it and than the item would be delivered to the store where I would pick it up and return it if anything was wrong. My biggest concern is how to get a defective item back to where it came from. I have purchase item that were defective and than have to pay to get them back and than lose the shipping charges for both directions. I hope that they throw away the defective item so I am paying to ship trash. For clothes, I would love to see a computer program that would show a figure of me and than I would mix and match items on my body without having to put them on. It would be much better for both the store and the customers.

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