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Comment That's it? (Score 1) 228

He shouldn't have had to resign for this. That's ludicrous. The implications of corruption in government, this seems like.. it will be the smallest collusion amongst any of the implications from any country's gov't officials, and if this is truly the reason he had to resign (neglecting anything about policy or ability to perform in other ways that leads the country to stability and prosperity) that's a shame.

Surely there will be much larger heads to fall, and surely, if this type of leak continues, much more valid heads will fall - how many billions do you think Putin is *really* worth? Come on now. Then again, even if it were revealed, think Russia would have a revolution?

Comment Which of these is not like the other.. (Score 1) 182

Sorry what?

"live action role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons, cosplaying, puppetry, robotics"

Robotics requires some level of scientific understanding and education beyond LARPing, dressing up in various themed outfits, putting socks on yer hands and pretending to speak on the sock's behalf, or playing D&D. That's not by any means apples and apples, those who are really into robotics are likely really into engineering, math, physics, etc - and as a result, probably feel somewhat superior to the masses because they've some sort of understanding of the workings of the universe - which the majority of our pleb cultures most definitely lack.

Also, when I clicked the "research" link in the article, it sent me to with some sort of cars comparison advertisement, what the fuck. Now I see - they randomly highlight words throughout the article with links to ads. Awesome source.

Comment Good luck proving lost revenue! (Score 2) 91

So they had projections and metrics on how many copies were downloaded and extrapolate how many people 'should' have bought it - then can calculate how much money they're owed, simple right?

Not quite. Great movies get great revenue numbers regardless of leaks, because people want to see it in droves - shit movies getting leaked of course does damage to their revenue, because people find out that the movie blows massively and avoid wasting their money on it at theatres. Make better movies LionsGate, and revenue will return, ffs.

Comment Re:abysmal human rights records (Score 2, Informative) 63

You could replace China with America, there, and it would be fine.

Drone strikes on own citizens, arrests without charge for unlimited time for citizens mostly deemed to be a particular race or ethnic group (oppressing certain minority groups), awesome politics.. or how about the prison industrial complex tossing people away for decades for non-violent crimes under mandatory sentencing laws? It's all good in the US, tho, right?

Comment Re:They certainly are a criminal organisation... (Score 1) 471

You'll note my name is 'in China' - I'm an expat, but as far as I know, there are no 'town meetings' here. Nor political campaigns, at least, not public ones. You're right that Uber is *now* a corporation and has access to the process, and now has the funds to start to engage strongly - hence "buying" politicians to change the rules. However, without essentially breaking the law in the first place, or at least walking a very gray line, you can't possibly imagine they'd have that sort of clout or be able to have any impact whatsoever which would allow them to create the market they have since created.

Comment They certainly are a criminal organisation... (Score 4, Insightful) 471 some countries. They're openly breaking the law. However - where regulations are faulty or problematic hampering the freedom of providing a valued service to the populace, this type of disruption is the only way to drive forward new growth markets and change 'the way' it is. Just because something is averse to a current corporate/government structure doesn't make it bad, although it is in many cases criminal.

I'd be curious about stats of Uber users - is it just a loud minority who aim their sites at the company? I'm guessing it is. Everyone I know who uses Uber loves it, and while I feel for the taxi drivers who pay into medallions or permits to drive cabs, markets....get.....disrupted......and this is a f'n good disruption.

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