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Comment LOL, "true" Android (Score 1) 113

LOL, "real" Android. Android was created "open" by design so it would be adopted by phone manufacturers to save OS development money. Open, that's what all you nerds brag about; but then you complain there's only one Android made by Google that nobody even buys and we should ignore all the insecure, unsupported versions that 98% of people own? Logic fail!

Comment Marketshare is irrelevant (Score 1) 113

Of course if you give something away people will take it. Apple only cares about profit share - who wants the poor and the Luddites (and a few thousand geeks)? Apple commands 92% of smartphone profits. Game over, man.

And nobody cares about open other than a few thousand geeks who are statistically irrelevant.

Comment Nonsense, it's union greed (Score 1) 538

I know math is hard, but there simply are not enough administrators to account for all the money. This is the typical union canard.

The truth is, at many colleges, the full time faculty have gobbled up all the salary and benefits, despite teaching a small minority (~25%) of the courses. They limit the pay and hours of the part timers who teach 3/4 of the classes. So the part time faculty are limited to 60% weekly load hours, less per hour, and locked into a cycle of lower middle class or outright poverty.

Typical union greed: They accrue all the goods for a small minority, at the expense of the unemployed or underemployed.

The best part is, even the janitors have tenure. So what gets cut first? Classes - the ones taught by part timers.

Ask me how I know...

Comment Rick Richardson's Linux tools for geocaching (Score 2) 383

Happy New Year.  Whose going to get the FTF?

From  All are bash and awk tools run via a terminal. Lots of them build upon gpsbabel (e.g. geo-nearest), or ImageMagick (e.g. reverse-montage) or, you get the drift.

Tools for accessing
    (SO) : this program works only for subscribers

    geo-found    List caches found (by you or someone else)
    geo-nearest    List the nearest caches to a location
    geo-newest    List the newest caches in a state
    geo-placed    List caches placed (by you or someone else)
    geo-keyword    List caches by keywords.
            All of the above can enter the waypoints into the
            GpsDrive MySQL database.
    geo-html2gpx    Convert a printable web page (such as the
            above commands can produce with the -H option) to
            a GPX file.

    geo-count    Count caches found
    geo-usernum    Determine user number (used by geo-count)

(SO)    geo-gid        Retrieve cache info by GCxxxx waypoint name
(SO)    geo-gpx        Retrieve GPX file by GCxxxx waypoint name
(SO)    geo-demand    Request an immediate pocket query email
(SO)    geo-gpxmail    Process PQ email using gpx2html
(SO)    geo-gpxprocess    Process PQ download(s) using geo-pqdownload and gpx2html
(SO)    geo-pqdownload  Perform a Pocket Query download(s)
(SO)    geo-myfinds    Schedule a Pocket Query containing your finds.
(SO)    geo-rehides    From your found.gpx file, produce a GPX file of rehides
(SO)    geo-correct-coords Correct the coords of cache(s)
    geo-density    Compute cache density of an area

    gpx2html    Lightly hacked converter from GPX to HTML
            Originally by fizzymagic (v1.90).  My version
            fixes issues with HTML in the cache descriptions, adds
            sort by latest log date for easy perusing of recent
                cache activity, and fixes bug in GC[1-9]xxxx.
    gpx-loghistory    Print all logs in reverse cron order.
    geo-pqs        Figure out what PQs to run to get an entire state.
    geo-state    Convenience script;  geo-state -? gives usage.
    geo-sdt        Replace Size, Difficulty, Terrain from a PQ file
    geo-suffix    Replace name with name/TypeSizeDiffTerr/gcid/LatLon
    geo-uniq        Unique the tabsep database

Tools for accessing
    oc-nearest    List the nearest caches to a location
    oc-newest    List the newest caches in a state
            EXPERIMENTAL, subject to drastic changes

Tools for accessing (and .nl, .de,...) ...
    ok-nearest    List the nearest caches to a location
    ok-newest    List the newest caches in a state
            EXPERIMENTAL, subject to drastic changes

Tools for accessing
    nc-nearest    List the nearest caches to a location
    nc-newest    List the newest caches in a state
            EXPERIMENTAL, subject to drastic changes

Tools for general use
    geo-2gpsdrive    Enter a waypoint file into the GpsDrive MySQL database
    geo-2tangogps    Enter a waypoint file into the tangoGPS or FoxtrotGPS
            sqlite database
    geo-circles    Compute the intersection of two circles on the earth
        geo-trilateration Compute the intersection of three circles on the earth
        geo-triangulation Compute the point by two or three bearings
    geo-intersect   Compute the intersection of two line segments
    geo-polygon    Compute the centroid of a polygon
        geo-gccode2id   Convert GC codes to the decimal equivalent
        geo-id2gccode   Convert decimal IDs to GC codes
    geo-loran-c    Brute force solve of Loran-C problems
    geo-project    Project a waypoint
    geo-code    Geocode an address
    geo-dist    Compute distance along a list of waypoints.
    geo-waypoint    Enter a waypoint into the GpsDrive MySQL database
    geo-map        Create a map with waypoints plotted on it
            These CANNOT be used for publication unless the
            selected map source is the tiger, topographic, or
            aerial map server!
    geo-firefox     Display a map of a point using MapQuest aerial photos
    gpx-finders    Output the finders from a GPX file.
    gpx-merge    GPX file merge.
    gpx-photos    Fetch hi-res aerial photos of all caches in a GPX file
    gpx-stats    Compute stats from a GPX file.
    gpx-unfound    Filter a GPX file removing found caches.

    geodetics.html    A modified version of Gary Nicholson's javascript
            Geodetics Calculator.

Tools for coordinate conversions
        geo-coords    Convert lat/lon from one format to another
    ll2maidenhead    Lat/long to Maidenhead (Grid Squares)
    maidenhead2ll    Maidenhead (Grid Squares) to Lat/long
    ll2osg        Lat/lon to British National Grid
    ll2rd/rd2ll    To/From lat/lon to RD (Dutch)
    ll2usng/usng2ll    To/From lat/lon to US National Grid
    ll2utm/utm2ll    To/From lat/lon to UTM

Tools for manipulating Mapopolis place guide data
    geo-poi        Search place guide (*.pdb or *.csv) for places
    pgpdb2txt    Convert a place guide to plain text

Tools for use by the MN Geocaching Association
    mngca        Count caches found/placed by MnGCA members
    mngca-logs    Create web pages of recent area logs from GPX files
    mngca-newmap    Create newest cache maps for Minnesota

    addletters    Add all letters: a=1, b=2, c=3, ... z=26
    lethist        Compute letter histogram
    geo-char-at    Pick the char at position "n"
    geo-phone2word    Convert numerical "phone" to a word(s)
    geo-sub        Do a substitution (caesar) cipher for all shifts
    geo-wordsearch    Perform a Word Search
    geo-zipcode    Translate zip code to city and state
    reverse-montage    reverse (split up) montage image

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