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Comment Re:Inexpensive reliable testers (Score 1) 136

I've thought of something similar. I tend to buy cheap cables off ebay (and elsewhere) and I've had some bad ones (and a lot of good ones). Generally, it's been a risk I'm willing to take but it would be nice to know ahead of time the bad ones (and some work fine in one situation but not in others)

Comment Re:Real nerd news. Reminds me of me. (Score 1) 247

It looks like it is random. For controlled conditions, there's no room for any hidden variables that would affect it. Einstein famously said "God does not play dice" but it looks like he does.

Now, it's possible that some new physics could open up that might show differently but there's no reason to expect it will.

Comment Re:I guess they realised... (Score 1) 152

Definitely. I remember being excited going from a 486 to a Pentium and how much it sped up the X session (which was already snappy enough to work with). It seemed like zero lag user interaction was just around the corner. Instead, we joined Windows in its laggy unresponsiveness. This wasn't just PCs either, even an Atari ST could run a usable monochrome X server. Instead of thoughtful coding, it's frameworks all the way down now.

Comment Re:I guess they realised... (Score 1) 152

With latency, if you click, then the display updates then it processes the click, your click goes not where you want, but where the GUI is now. This I find happens more often than I'd like in web "apps". With tree based systems, sure the widget moved, but the assignment of the click to the window was latency free, so your click ends up correctly on the now-moved widged.

IOW tree based systems are superior. Many toolkits abandoned it for compatibility with non tree based systems. What we have now is actually fundementally worse in high latency environments.

Man, this explains a lot. Mainstream Linux GUIs have been going backwards for a long time. But at least we have, uh, well, we already had most of it back then, come to think of it.

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