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Comment Re:some things you need paper for... PAPER "demo" (Score 1) 397

>> there is not a single thing that REQUIRES paper in todays age.
> A paper aeroplane? Try that with your laptop you'll have to get a new one.

Actually, when I got it I did :) I ran the 1996 64k intro Paper which features LOTS of digital paper aeroplanes! I can confirm that due to Statix's excellent programming skills that my laptop is still working fine but thanks for your concern! :) Note: Paper works best now days under DOSBox or you can watch it online here.

Comment Re:That's good news (Score 1) 209

Good to see Japheth getting public recognition for a subset of his fantastic regular output. I would highly recommend to any serious PC programmer or folks interested in low level stuff to have a look at Japheth's website as he has written many great tools which will be of interest. Secondly I would also recommend BTTR software's forums for useful/informative discussions concerning Japheth's work together with other useful information/links to projects by others.

You forgot to jump around your message, or put it at the end, or use segments to tell the assembler to do that automatically.


50 53 20 FF 41 43 41 44 41 4D 59 21 FF 24 FF 0D 52 4A 1A C0 18 E4 53 5A 5B 33 ED 8E D5 C1 E2 08 0D 00 52 80 EC 49 BC FD FF 9C FF 9E 84 00 E9 CF FE 47 52 45 45 54 49 4E 47 53 20 32 4D 41 52 4B

Comment Re:More info (Score 2, Informative) 103

Group photo of the 1st HAMS to do Moon Bounce - The dish used came off British Telecom's "Post Office" tower in London. If you wish to see it yourself then come along to FRARS's HAMFEST on Sunday 8th August 2004. More moonbounce photos here.

FRARS still has some of the leading experts in communications - including M0EYT / Paul J. Marsh who is currently just out in the middle of a field working 10Ghz.... Paul's probably on IRC as well right now so I will see what I can do to highlight this discussion to him in a minute.

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