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Comment patents are legal things, not functional devices (Score 1) 159

"Apple has been awarded a patent today that prohibits smartphone users fro"

The patent is a piece of paper with a description it in no way does anything to smart phones.

The patent describes a process where hardware at a location interacts with software on the smartphone to .....

Comment what about the data? (Score 1) 299

If you have a self driving car you can bet there will 360 video of the entire incident to go through with exact speed logs. You will also be able to review the decision tree of the self-driving car.

Wait for inevitable addition of all cars automatically reporting driving "deviances" to the authorities, or at least the insurance company consortium, with full data logs.

Comment where is security on the list? (Score 2) 110

I see "OEM and third-party applications support". That sounds like a "good idea"(tm) when every third party app will come with the required 400 page disclaimer and rights waiver "this app is not guaranteed in any way and you waive and damage claims against the supplier"

Although I do see great promise in phone apps for the "real time driving experience you have always wanted" connected to the car app "leave the driving to us".

Comment Study indicates how media represents AI (Score 1) 151

The general public is going to take their view of AI not from researchers, not from the press, but from mass media entertainment. And possibly a few sensationalist press pieces that play off the mass media entertainment view of AI.

I really really hate public opinion polls that survey the public’s impression of things that require deep understanding.

Consider that a good part of the public takes its democratic responsibility to vote on issues that directly impact them using such an educated and informed manner as "me dad was a ______ so I am".

To expect any educated and informed response from the general public on any issue is really asking for blood from a stone.

Comment Security issues, need a law to require updates (Score 2) 257

OS updates are security issue. Users cannot really apply updates to devices so manufacturers should be required by law to support and update devices for as long as the device exists.

Sure the manufacturer would really be better off selling you a new one. If they issued no updates you would have to buy a new device every month or three.

Look at car recalls, the same standard should be set for support of devices. If there is a system issue and a security update is needed the manufacture should be required to provide it no matter how old the device is. Shame on them for not making is safe/secure in the first place.

Also to avoid false fronts there should be a mandatory bond for 5 years of support should the "manufacturer" disappear. The bond price will be very low for real manufacturers.

Comment Argghh, split content (Score 1) 105

I hate that the content is getting split between all these providers. I do see my solution as a couple on months on one then cancel and switch to the next one. Just need to subscribe to each one once a year to accesses the latest season of whatever.

Of course they can come up with solutions to mess over frequent switchers.

Comment require markings for region locking (Score 2) 36

There needs to be a requirement that all products that are country/region locked have that fact clearly displayed on any product advertising and packaging. The public needs to be aware that something they buy will become unusable if they travel or move with it.

I am sorry you laptop/phone does not work while you are in mexico/canada/......

Comment tampering with evidence (Score 2, Insightful) 435

So apple can show that the iPhone was tampered with after the government took possession. Well that makes the information on the phone totally suspect.
That to me shows there is no reason to decrypt the phone as nothing on it can be trusted to be authentic any more.

For example, highly paranoid version,
Did the CIA get someone to re-image the phone and plant false information.

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