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Comment Re:Rackspace in Dallas (Score 1) 100

We're a Rackspace customer in their DFW datacenter. This is the third power-related outage they've had in the last two years at that supposedly world-class facility.

The first wasn't really their fault: truck driver with health condition runs into their transformers. Generators kick in, but chillers don't re-start quickly enough. Temps skyrocket in minutes, emergency shutdowns. Maybe the transformes should have had some $50 concrete pylons surrounding them?

The second outage was the result of a botched generator upgrade.

This latest outage was the result of a botched UPS maintenance.

None of the outages was long enough to trigger our failover policy to our DR site, but our customers definitely noticed.

While their messaging has been very open and honest about the problems, and the SLA credits have been immediate, we pay them nearly $20K per month. Nedless to say, we are shopping, and looking into a "multiple cheap colos" architecture instead of "Tier-1 managed hosting". Nothing beats geographic redundancy.

Thundersnatch - I'm sorry to hear you've had the same types of troubles over the past few years at Rackspace. I can't blame you for feeling burned by it, you're paying a good amount to have many 9's of uptime because whatever you're running online is clearly critical to your business. It sounds like this is definitely something we can help you out with. The company I work for (INetU) focuses on working with businesses who run critical operations online. Do you have some time for a call? My contact info is: Rich Giunta Sr. Solutions Consultant INetU Inc. 988-664-6388 x109 Best Regards, Rich

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