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Comment Re:Fishy (Score 1) 566

indeed, I believe that's the general point. The group that puts government gag orders, has knowingly gotten almost every developer within the US's jurisdiction to put back doors of different kinds, and has been able to threaten/bribe all of them into silence or lying to the public about it, came to our door, and asked us to put a backdoor in, and we said no and everything went smoothly, is not the most convincing statement.

Comment Re:Wait a sec (Score 1) 772

That is quite true... but if the subject is scientific literacy is the issue. At least my understanding of scientific literacy, is the actual understanding of the process of science, and the ability to process scientific questions. For simpler analogy lets compare 2 schools of thought for reading literacy.

Joe has litterally memorized and learned every word in the webster dictionary. he can recite and speak every word in the dictionary from scratch, and read entire books this way. However Joe fails to make the connection of how letters work with eachother. If Joe runs into even a simple word that is not in the dictionary, Say he ran into something where they used "confuzzled" as slang, when joe asked 2 different people how to say this word, one said "pork" and one pronounced it as it is written, Joe could not tell who was telling the truth

Tom on the other hand, does not have the words memorized, he only studied the methods words are made. he knows the basics of greek, latin etc... and he knows the variants of how most letter combinations can be said. Now obviously due to english being a clusterfsck of different styles of reading... Tom runs into problems all the time, thanks to so many variants of how different sets of letters can go. But even on the worse imaginable words, Tom always can narrow any word he runs into, down to 2-3 possible ways it can be said"

In this example I would have to say Tom is Literate, Joe is far closer to illiterate. Joe is better than Tom, for dealing with everything that we are familiar with, which is great, but only Tom can be of any use when we hit an undiscovered word, and only Tom can make reasonable choices when we reach these words

Science is like that to, our schools, our society and many other areas, seem to forget this fact. The great scientists weren't great because they memorized all of the facts, they were great because they understood HOW we learned those facts, and extrapolated to make new discoveries, The same goes for scientific literacy in the general public. If someone approaches with say a crystal, that helps asthma patients claiming it helps due to running some force. OK maybe the Joe of science will go no one has determined the existance of auras so that must be wrong, but maybe there is something there, what if there actually was something going on we don't know of. The tom of science would ask, what testing has been done, what phenomenons have we seen, did we compare it to a placebo, etc... etc... follow up with his own experimentation, and possibly make a new discovery, when it does all turn out to be bunk, Tom actually has real grounds to dismiss it, vs Joe, who's only grounds for dismissal are, we don't know about this yet, so it must not be true.

Comment Re:I think you have that backwards (Score 1) 254

I think you are forgetting what happened when advertisments nearly crashed 10 years ago or so. Simple unintrusive adds, just stopped working, people stopped paying attention to them, and with time the internet started falling into 2 categories. Web pages that threw loud, obnoxious advertisements, pop-ups, pop unders. comercials you had to watch before you could click next, etc... and then they started offering paid subscriptions for the pages to let you skip advertisements. Then came targetted advertisments which more or less dug the internet out of that well. Whether longterm that is going to save or kill the internet, who knows, but we do need to come up with the least evil approach, that will keep the webpages we like afloat.

Comment Re:Too much for just one consultant! (Score 1) 253

What I find most amusing, is that at least according to the credits, they had him do his own voice, on episodes in which he only came through as a voice. I mean you shouldn't need the actual guy, when a text to speech program would be indistinguishable from his real voice.

Comment Re:Your Right! Except ... (Score 1) 112

Well where I'd have to disagree, is that we know what sucks... We know what sucks for life, that evolved in the conditions of earth. We can't even imagine what life outside of our conditions are, assuming it is possible. Sometimes I think assuming that the nearest life, is most certainly going to be needing a water ritch atmosphere with oxygen hydrogen and CO2 in the atmosphere, is similar to coming to the conclusion that if we find inteligent life similar to us, we should expect them to speak chinese, because that is what the majority of inteligent life capable of complex communication in which we are familair with speaks

Comment Re:crime? Sovereign Immunity. (Score 4, Interesting) 234

A society isn't exactly an area that "opting out" is plausible. A police officer can't exactly take the time to determine whether or not someone opted into the "save me if someone is holding a gun to my head" plan, The fire department can't wait for the fire to spread from your proporty before begining to fight it, we can't exactly set up a "food tested to be safe" and "eat at your own risk" sections of the grocery store, A good portion of things that are paid for by taxes, are things that just have to be do it for everyone in the area, or don't do it at all sort of things. Humans have already learned that creating a society with more than 50-100 people, involves some form of infrastructure, and everyone in that society has to chip into that infrastructure. If anarchy worked, there would be a first world country that has an anarchy you could move into. Unfortunately natural selection did not favor such societies, they died out or were invaded and taken over by societies that actually had a functional military etc...

Comment Re:crime? Sovereign Immunity. (Score 4, Insightful) 234

While I agree with the fact of the rediculousness of how the government can do crime in many ways that would otherwise be illegal. Equating taxes to it is just plain stupid. Taxes are logical payments for services in which the government can and does provide. IE the roads, the oversight into companies to prove that our food isn't entirely relabeled rat droppings, fire departments etc.. Now is it done perfectly or even well? Not in the least, but no matter what a functioning society is going to need a tax system. Even if a perfect rebuilding of government happened, taxes would absolutely be a necessity.

Comment news at 11 (Score 1) 162

Actual security that will protect people from themselves, costs a lot more than compensating the 2% of that 66% who actually get hacked. Person gets hacked for his own stupidity, company may or may not need to compensate the victim. lets say this amount comes to $100 per 1,000 users as a high estimate pulled out of my ass. Company B uses real security, that somehow completely eliminates fraud, blocks users out after 3 wrong passwords, and requires really complex passwords. Users keep forgetting their passwords, support is now overwhelmed, company pays $400 per 1,000 customers on support.

Comment Re:Value (Score 2) 253

This I have to second. Really that is the problem with the majority of MMORPGs these days. WoW is actually closer to an exception, in the sense that the hours to get to cap, are pretty small compared to the amount of time one spends in raids etc... after getting to cap, compared to many other MMO's in which there is no point in the game in which partying becomes the standard, or said point is so insanely far down the road that under 10% of players reach it. What baffles me is how many players complain when it is harder to solo than to group up. If the game makes grouping easier, but soloing harder, then people who want to work harder and solo can. When the game makes grouping the hard way and soloing easier, then the 10% that want to group up, spend 2 hours looking for a group, because 95% of players are going to go the most efficiant way no matter what, and the people who actually want to have fun and group up, have to spend hours trying to find others. I've always considered solo MMORPGs analogous to inviting a whole bunch of friends over to play solitare.

Comment Re:They must be new here (Score 1) 341

You are behind the times on most of these, the news stories of police stations experimenting with the tech, and making porn came out weeks ago (there's even an app for making porn already). Crime on the other hand I imagine backfiring rather quickly, gives great easy to access evidence for the police after your arrest, there are better sneakier devices to do that out now, that don't involve ties to a big company that tracks everything you do. But hey we've got people posting their ill gotten gains on facebook and then getting supprised that they are arrested all the time, so nothing new here. Casinos? what kind of dumb casino's are we talking about here. Again tiny hidable cameras have existed for years, glass by comparison is bulky, blatently visible and well known already. Casinos are not known for having poorly trained staff, and being behind the curve on technology (ones that aren't, don't stay in business long). When it comes to illegal actions, glass is just a terrible choice.

Comment Re:Tuesday updates (Score 2) 305

Not to mention the secondary cost, lets assume testing is the same on both situations, a car goes out to the manufacturer, update is applied, update botches, car software system is bricked. The dealer can pull a spare hard drive or whatever it is stored on out of the back, get the car up and running etc... Now OTA update botches, does the dealer make a house call to swap out the car's storage, or do they pay for a tow truck? When an update fails and the device is rendered unusable... getting a car to the location to be repaired is considerably more expensive than a phone.

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